29 Celebrities Who Blew Up Their Own Careers Overnight

Yeah, oops.
29 Celebrities Who Blew Up Their Own Careers Overnight

Everyone has made spur-of-the-moment decisions that they subsequently regret. It's just the way we are. When faced with two options or in a difficult circumstance, it's easy to misread what has long-term consequences.

For celebrities, there are numerous occasions like this. If anything, their fame and wealth give them more opportunities to absolutely blow it at the drop of a hat. Because they work in the spot light and are constantly scrutinized, their errors can be incredibly controversial and professionally fatal. While some humiliated celebrities are able to fight their way back from apparently impossible situations, for most, the only alternative is to retire from public life with whichever dignity they have left. Here are several celebrities that made poor decisions, messed up, or succumbed to their most uncivilized and primitive tendencies, destroying their reputations in the process.

In Hollywood, controversy is nothing new, and if you're a performer and your private misdeeds become public, you'd better be ready to find new work.

Celebrities have a tendency to climb, but they also have a tendency to plummet. Here are some of the most bizarre instances of celebrities destroying their own careers.

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