Lots of beloved celebrities go their entire lifetimes without stealing a boat, marrying their cousin, or beating authors with a baseball bat. These folks just can't get enough of it!

Jerry Lee Lewis MARRIED HIS UNDERAGE COUSIN The 22-year-old heartthrob kept his underage cousin-wife a secret for a while, until a journalist made it

Christina Aguilera BUNGLED THE NATIONAL ANTHEM CRACKED CON She did that thing that singers do where they eschew the familiar notes and cadence of the

David Hasselhoff HAMBURGLED HIS OWN REPUTATION In 2007, video leaked of him drunkenly mangling a hamburger on the floor while berating his daughter. D

Jeffrey Jones GOT OFF EASY WITH PROBATION CRACKEDcO COM He had a promising career playing sleezeballs, and - lo and behold- he turned out to be a slee

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Ingrid Bergman FELL IN LOVE The noteable thing here is the outsized backlash. When she fell in love with her director, got pregnant, and divorced her

Gary Busey OUr WAS CRUISIN' FOR A BRUISIN' Children was a big guy when he felloff bilthelmet and smashed his head on the curb. Despite the possibility

Ceelo Green COULDN'T STOP DIGGING HIMSELF DEEPER After he was let off the hook for allegations of sexually assaulting an asleep person, he decided to

Evel Knievel BEAT UP AN AUTHOR Author Shelly Saltman recorded Knievel & CO., with their consent, during months of preparation for a stunt. He later pu

Stephen Collins ADMITTED TO UNGODLY ACTS CRACKEDCOR Once revered as Rev. Eric Camden on 7th Heaven, TMZ got ahold of audio of him admitting to sexual

Winona Ryder HAD STICKY FINGERS d 12 Or 2008 CRACKEDCON She was persona non grata for about a decade, after cutting the tags off of $5k worth of cloth

Brad Renfro FAILED TO STEAL A YACHT CRACKED COM The rising star (probably most famous for playing Huckleberry Finn in Tom and Huck) had a habit of rep

Robert Blake RUINED A -DECADE CAREER CRACKEDCO He hit it big as a kid with a starring role in The Little Rascals, and managed to keep getting work wel

Jennifer Grey GOT A NOSE JOB CRACKED C Grey didn't have a huge, public implosion; she just had minor cosmetic surgery. What she calls the nose job fr

Bobby Fischer WAS LOUDLY PRO-9/11 Before The Queen's Gambit, Bobby Fischer was the sexiest thing in chess. Unfortunately, he was also the most unhinge
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