Ahhh! We didn't see you there! You surprised us! It was scary! But we're not ashamed. Lots of things are scary…AHH!! See? We're not even going to specify what that was, and isn't that terrifying??! 

Sometimes, mundane things are scary, like the dark or leaving the house. We all know about those (and as nerdy writers for a comedy website, probably suffer from them, if we're being honest). But there are some really weird phobias out there. Nope, it's not all monsters under the bed and spooky ghosts and Candymen, Candymen, Candy…canes. Candy canes. Let's be safe here. And unfortunately for celebrities who have to live public lives and give a whole lotta interviews, it's pretty easy to find out their strange, strange fears. And while we try to be empathetic and not point and laugh, some of these are really baffling.

Turns out, Judi Dench is terrified of, uh, schoolchildren. No, really. Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

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