Within these pages, good fellows (and wo-fellows), one may find all manner of gifts for the special people in thy life, or the quite common people upon whom one must grudgingly confer favour. But they shall have nothing! Now that your Christmas gifts have been judged and left ye wanting, celebrate the Saint of the Unforgiven and know your heart's desire. Onward, then, to the cataloguing of the holiday goods!

The Pumblechook & Figg Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Chattery Charlie, the Snitching Cod Looks like ordinary singing, robotic fish, secretly records everyth

Horse Exterminator Is your chapel plagued by horse infestation? Bays in your belfry? Clydesdales in your choir? Palfreys in your belf--oh drat, we alr

Tineless Spork Never stab your tongue again! Let others foolishly jab soup into their mouths with the spork till they drink their own blood. YOU dine

Various Amphibians Closeout sale! Over 40% of spe- cies must go! These organisms will be discontinued your life- time so now before they're rare colle

Finally, A Holiday Catalog For The Criminally Insane

For Him Unlikely Friendship with Michael Jai White You and beloved action star Michael Jai White have little in common when meet at the DMV, but the c

Finally, A Holiday Catalog For The Criminally Insane

For Survivors of the Nameless Ones Learn to Speak Archon Before there was anything, there Nothing. Therein resided absence of shape, un-gods for world

Brendan is hitting the eggnog pretty hard after all this.

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