Got A Cool Movie Idea? This Videography Bundle Will Help


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So you think you could have made The Irishman even better by cutting an hour and a half out of it? That's probably true, but the only way to prove it is to learn filmmaking. (And also strike a deal with Netflix and Martin Scorsese for his intellectual property.) Fortunately, we can help with that, because right now The Complete Videography Bundle is on sale.

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This 10-course, 45-hour bundle was created by cinematic experts to help even people who have never touched a camera become an absolute expert in videography. You'll get a primer in modern video production and what it takes to create great content before you take a deep dive into the technical aspects. The bundle introduces you to top editing platforms, like Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut 7, so you can edit and construct video, add effects, and much more. You'll even learn how to use the video marketing platform Camtasia, so you can pay the bills while you're working on your obra maestra.

Your journey toward a creative career starts here. Right now, The Complete Videography Bundle is on sale for just $29.99.

Software not included. Prices are subject to change.

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