10 Cut-for-Time ‘SNL’ Sketches Better Than Anything That Made It on the Show

You’ll find the funniest sketches on the cutting-room floor
10 Cut-for-Time ‘SNL’ Sketches Better Than Anything That Made It on the Show

It’s one of Saturday Night Live’s eternal mysteries. You watch a mediocre live show on Saturday night and shrug — the writers just couldn’t come up with any good stuff this week. Then Monday comes and SNL drops a cut-for-time sketch on its YouTube channel that’s way funnier than anything that made the broadcast. What gives? 

Only Lorne Michaels knows, but in the meantime, enjoy 10 hilarious sketches that deserved better…

Cast List

Any theater kids out there will recognize the anxiety-filled moments before cast lists are posted — and the megalomaniacal machinations of high school directors like Will Ferrell

Papyrus 2

Ryan Gosling’s Papyrus sketch went viral the first time around, so why bury its sequel? Welcome back, Kyle Mooney!


Beck Bennett channels his inner Tom Brady as a guy who thinks he loves to be roasted, only to find the reality cuts too close to the bone. 

LiMu Emu & Doug

It wasn’t exactly a triumphant return to Saturday Night Live for Shane Gillis. Still, it would have been better if the show had included this team-up between insurance agent Doug and his hyperviolent emu sidekick. 

Horny Little Dork

Some sketches are cut for time. Some are cut because they’re too real.

Pimp My Ride

The funniest thing Jacob Elordi did while hosting this year was a cut Please Don’t Destroy sketch. Even Xzibit knows Sergei the Janitor deserved better.

NFL Gives Back

Is your boyfriend a comedy writer, music critic or Andor fan? NFL players are here to give back, giving your ladies the “lift ‘em up on the counter” care they need. 

Forgot About Lorne

Michaels’ secret dream is to star in a rap music video with Pete Davidson? Sure, let’s go with that. 

Three Normal Goths

Goths like apple picking and Netflix, just like you and me.

Podcast Set

Seems like white guys can’t say anything anymore, especially on their own misguided podcasts. Thank goodness Fisher-Price has a solution. 


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