The New President of Argentina Is A Grown-Up Sixth Grader From ‘South Park’

‘South Park’ fans wonder whether 6th Grade Leader has upped his authority
The New President of Argentina Is A Grown-Up Sixth Grader From ‘South Park’

Argentina really watched Mr. Garrison win the 2016 American Presidential Election on South Park and said, “Hold my Malbec.”

It’s very common for South Park to turn different countries’ leaders into characters on the show — Saddam Hussein, for instance, was a staple of the early seasons — but what happens when a country decides to turn a South Park character into their leader? Eleven days into Argentinian anarcho-capitalist provocateur Javier Milei’s presidency, we’re starting to find out. So much of Milei’s bizarre public persona seems to be lifted straight from a South Park script, such as his superhero alter-ego, General AnCap, or his past-lives relationship with his pet dog who also serves as his most trusted political advisor. But the clincher that cements Milei’s status as the first South Park character to assume control of a major world power are those unruly, unshaven sideburns coupled with his tussled toupee-looking haircut, making him the spitting image of another kingpin: South Park, Colorado’s notorious and unnamed 6th Grade Leader.

Ever since Milei’s internationally publicized election, South Park fans have been wondering if this is all an elaborate promotion for another Paramount+ special. On Twitter and in the South Park subreddit, fans are taking note of the uncanny resemblance and wondering whether their own political leaders should show up to any future summits with President Milei bearing a picture of “Stan’s mom’s boobs.” 

South Park die-hards will recognize that, before Milei’s rise to power, Trey Parker and Matt Stone already answered the question of what their nameless pre-teen antagonist would look like as an adult — a future version of 6th Grade Leader briefly appears in the 2021 special South Park: Post Covid with a decidedly less impressive hairline than the one Milei rocks at his anime conventions. However, Milei’s off-the-wall behavior makes him the exact kind of person that you’d imagine wearing a T-shirt with an image of his own face — in fact, looking at the rest of his wardrobe, it would be one of his tamer outfits.

Though the future of Argentina is in doubt as Milei warns of economic “shock therapy” as he enacts his extremist policies, Argentinians should keep an open mind toward his initiatives should he ever seek to jump-start their struggling movie business with his newest performative pet project, Backdoor Sluts 10.

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