The Gayest Cartoon Characters Who Won’t Say That They’re Gay

The most queer-coded characters throughout animation
The Gayest Cartoon Characters Who Won’t Say That They’re Gay

Regardless of where they land on the spectrum, most cartoon characters in children’s media don’t typically discuss their sexuality. But there isn’t a single Powerpuff Girls fan of any age group who thinks that HIM is looking for a HER.

The phrase “gay coded” is one that’s become much more well-known since discussions about LGBTQ representation in media became (somewhat) socially acceptable. Oftentimes, it’s used incorrectly on characters who clearly weren’t meant to be queer — such as the many, many gay jokes made at the expense of Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee — but there are also obvious influences from gay artists and performers present in the movies and TV shows that many of us grew up with. Famously, the creators of the character Ursula from The Little Mermaid were heavily inspired by the drag queen Divine, whose only film that is remotely appropriate for the underaged was Hairspray.

Over in the cartoons subreddit, animation fans discussed which of the characters from classic films and television were flagrantly, flamboyantly, flamingly queer-coded, even though the topic of sexuality doesn’t make a single appearance in the script. Here are their top picks, starting with…

Jimmy, Ed, Edd n Eddy

If Jimmys sensitive disposition and sense of style dont close the case, then just look at his best friend — Sarah is a gay icon.

Scar, The Lion King

Scars voice actor Jeremy Irons has come out and said that, while Scars sexuality didnt cross his mind when recording his lines, “Seeing it, I have no doubt that hes a complete closet gay.” He must have seen those eye-rolls, too.

Jessie and James, Pokemon

The Team Rocket duo may have a hard time catching Pikachu — or pretty much any other Pokemon besides their talking Meowth — but they each had no trouble trapping their beards. 

Vanity Smurf, The Smurfs

In case the pink flower and obsession with aesthetics wasnt enough, Vanity Smurf got even more “vivacious” in the movie adaptations.

Wendy Pleakley, Lilo & Stitch

There is a surprisingly large amount of cross-dressing going on in Disney movies and on Disney Channel shows, but no character is as eager to jump into drag as Kevin McDonalds agent Pleakley.

Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland, Gravity Falls

Given the events of the shows series finale, its up for debate whether these two pass the “Dont Say Gay” test, but their love for each other is absolutely inarguable. “Partners” indeed.

HIM, Powerpuff Girls

Does this one really need an explanation? The devil is flaming.

Red Guy, Cow and Chicken

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