There's an idea that to make an apple pie, you need to first invent the universe. To make a small, you need to make the all. As above, so below. But it also works the other way -- all things contain a microcosm of God. All things are one. And so sometimes, when you want to talk about every funny movie or sexy gun in the world, you just need to look at one -- the coolest, or best, or whatever. Sometimes you narrow in on a specific person, object or thing to really get down to the nitty-gritty of who and what they are and do or make you feel or have given the world. This is that time. This is that place. This is that person/show/movie/thing. Here are some facts about... 

A Powerpuff Girls reboot being made. It still is, because we live in a broken, fractured timeline that God turned his back on. Powerpuff (because the “Girls” part was implied) follows Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup as they just kinda, ya know, hang out. It’s a CW show, there’s only so much room in the budget, and hiring Dove Cameron took all of it.

Whitewash Retcon

What's wrong with the Powerpuff Girls reboot Whitewashing Featuring racially diverse Powerpuff Girls, the show reframes the cartoon as a whitewashed adaptation of their childhood. CRACKED.COM

Source: Junkee


What's wrong with the Powerpuff Girls reboot Edgy jokes The screenplay had jokes about triggering someone, and Blossom walking in on Buttercup right after she finished (having sex). INT. POWERPUFF GIRLS HOME - HALLWAY/BUTTERCUP'S ROOM - DAY Blossom heads upstairs where the BUMPING SOUND continues from Buttercup's room, then abruptly stops. Blossom opens the door and finds Buttercup in bed with MACY, the woman she eyed at the bar the night before. They've just finished. CRACKED.COM

Source: Out Magazine

Diablo Cody

What's wrong with the Powerpuff Girls reboot Diablo Cody Best known for Jennifer's Body and Juno, Cody is a fantastic writer - and the weirdest choice for the '50s/'6Os/anime/bubblegum pop stylings of the Powerpuff Girls. CRACKED.COM

Source: Out Magazine


What's wrong with the Powerpuff Girls reboot The Narrator Despite attempting to be a super sexy reboot, the original show's narrator is coming back. Presumably to talk about Bubbles' fun abortion? CRACKED.COM


Take Two

What's wrong with the Powerpuff Girls reboot Powerpuff Redux While the show was attacked for being too campy and too sexy, it's still in development, currently being rewritten and recast. CRACKED.COM

Source: MovieWeb

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