Twitter’s Funniest Takes on George Santos’ Congressional Expulsion

Twitter’s Funniest Takes on George Santos’ Congressional Expulsion

This morning, the House of Representatives voted 311-114 to expel controversial New York congressman George Santos, making him just the sixth ever member of the House to be ousted. But don’t worry – Georgina Santos will be ready for work on Monday just as soon as she picks out a dress. 

Santos’ run as one of the most hilariously ambitious conmen in congressional history will go down as an all-time great grift, between his bizarre claims of collegiate athletic glory, his identifying as “Jew-ish” and, of course, his cross-dressing glory days that he desperately wishes were not so profoundly public knowledge. As a representative, Santos was the greatest embarrassment in the history of New York’s 3rd congressional district, a locality that was once the seat of power for Peter “too many mosques in this country” King for two decades – but, as a compulsive liar, Santos will go down as one of the greatest (and most fabulous) to ever do it.

Twitter has spent the hours since Santos’ expulsion lamenting the exit of arguably the most entertaining reality show Republican left on Capitol Hill – here are the absolute funniest reactions to Santos’ expulsion, starting with…

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