Drag Queen Turned Hannah Montana Star Turned Dog Philanthropist Turned Congressman George Santos Has A New Gig — Comedy Critic

Santos is unimpressed with the many impressions of him, and he’s going to let his dear friend Johnny Carson know about it
Drag Queen Turned Hannah Montana Star Turned Dog Philanthropist Turned Congressman George Santos Has A New Gig — Comedy Critic

Here’s a statement that should shock nobody familiar with Brazil’s most-wanted, cross-dressing, Jew-ish United States Congressman George Santos – he doesn’t feel embarrassed.

More specifically, Santos does not feel embarrassed by the many impressions and jokes made at his expense by the multitude of comedy outlets who are now dogpiling on the conman congressman's outrageous claims – Santos stated with his signature self-aggrandizement that he has “been enshrined in late night TV history with all these impersonations” in a tweet yesterday afternoon, declaring that the impressions have been “TERRIBLE,” a phrase which we fully expect him to say was borrowed from his close friend and former teammate Charles Barkley.

The compulsively lying congressman has apparently deemed himself a premier comedy critic – probably mentored by Roger Ebert – and he has given Jon Lovitz and the rest of his late-night harassers two thumbs down.

Santos was immediately accosted by his colleague, drag queen Trixie Mattel, who quipped, “Maybe the source material was weak,” prompting a series of clap-backs and reaction gifs between Santos and Mattel in which the congressman clearly demonstrated a deep knowledge of both Mattel's career and RuPaul’s Drag Race through his saucy retorts.

Amongst a sea of ratios and ridicule in Santos' replies, one Twitter user came to the congressman's defense – comedian and performance artist Kristina Wong wrote in support of Santos, “Little do these ‘comedians’ realize that the person they are mocking, YOU, was once the top comedy agent at William Morris, a talent scout for HBO and the 1st winner of ‘America’s got Comedy’— all while you played professional hockey.”

Santos’ “No, u”-style argument that Lovitz is the one who should feel embarrassed by the impression on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is a unique defense, but the rest of the congressman’s response to his recent late-night mockery is mostly plagiarized in the same way that Santos’ life story was stolen from the 2002 film Catch Me if you Can.

Similar to Santos, former president Donald Trump regularly tried to convince his Twitter followers that any impression of him on Saturday Night Live was a comedically bankrupt and desperate attempt to save the show’s failing ratings – somehow, SNL is still on the air while Trump pulled the “you can’t fire me, I quit!” card with Twitter years ago after he was banned from the site and shortly thereafter founded the digital dumpster fire that is Truth Social.

As of today, Congressman Santos is still the main character of the internet for his outrageous, unbelievable and entirely disprovable claims. Santos has co-opted tragedies like the Holocaust and 9/11 to bolster his character, and he’s written bizarre backstories of being a college volleyball star at a school he didn’t attend and a former employee of Goldman Sachs, an institution that wouldn’t even accept a check with his signature on it. All the while, questions about his use of campaign funds and legitimate claims from authorities in Brazil paint the picture of Santos being a thieving, lying and defrauding scumbag who has committed crimes for which he has not yet answered.

In short, George Santos is not only a world-renowned comedy critic, but he is also a marine biologist, a Michelin-starred chef, a member of The Beatles, a Category 3 hurricane and the Statue of Liberty’s torch – and he’s a congressman for New York’s 3rd congressional district. 

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