The Best George Santos Dunks So Far

The Best George Santos Dunks So Far

The compulsively lying congressman George Santos delivered a speech on the House floor this morning in “honor” of Holocaust Remembrance Day after infamously pretending to have Jewish heritage and falsely claiming descendance from Holocaust survivors, because reality is a sick joke at this point.

In retaliation, it is only fitting that the rest of us take a moment to appreciate all of the impressions, insults and comedic attacks against the congressman and his fraudulent, possibly felonious history of falsehoods — from Saturday Night Live to late-night talk shows to Twitter, everyone has had something to say about the representative from New York’s 3rd Congressional District, or, as Santos probably calls himself, “The real founder of Facebook.”

Here are the best burns of Brazil’s most wanted U.S. congressman:


George, if youre reading this, we hope you know this is all in good fun — please dont have your dear friend and protégé Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson beat us up.

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