‘Bob’s Burger’s’ Brings Back Jimmy Pesto By Replacing the Insurrectionist With the Guy Who Took Justin Roiland’s Job

Eric Bauza is building a stable of voice roles taken over from possibly felonious a-holes
‘Bob’s Burger’s’ Brings Back Jimmy Pesto By Replacing the Insurrectionist With the Guy Who Took Justin Roiland’s Job

After a two-year absence, Jimmy Pesto is coming back to Bob’s Burgers with a new voice actor who has some experience replacing misbehaving adult animation stars. Maybe Jay Johnston will start a new “Stop the Steal” movement if he can sneak a smartphone into his cell.

The Canadian-born, Emmy-winning vocal talent Eric Bauza has already carved out a respectable career for himself in the animated TV industry – Bauza is, perhaps, best known as the current voice of many classic Looney Tunes characters, including Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and Pepé Le Pew, the lattermost of which undoubtedly helped his performance as a Justin Roiland soundalike on Solar Opposites. After Roiland lost his many voice acting gigs on his many adult animation shows earlier this year following the news that he faced felony domestic violence charges and had allegedly exhibited a pattern of praying on young fans using his cartoon clout, Bauza assumed the role of Chris the Red Goobler, presumably on the condition that he would imitate Roiland’s voice without emulating his DMs.

Then, in last night’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, "Bully-ieve It or Not," the animated antagonist Jimmy Pesto made his triumphant return to the show following an extended absence due to the role’s originator, Johnston, joining the January 6 Capitol Rioters and getting himself simultaneously fired and arrested for a former president who doesn’t even know he exists. As the closing credits disclosed, Bauza is the winner of the Bob’s Burgers recast, marking the second time he’s replaced a controversial asshole voice actor following their firing. Though pun specials are more Bob’s thing than Jimmy’s, perhaps an inQuisitve Bob’s Burgers writer could subtly Question Bauza’s involvement in the scandals by having Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria debut their “False Flag Farfalle.”

Unlike other recent instances in which an adult animated sitcom replaced a misbehaving voice actor, the return of Jimmy Pesto with fresh pipes has generally been met with a positvie reaction among Bob's Burgers fans. “Holy shit, some voice actors really are that easily replaceable,” one fan exclaimed in the episode thread for "Bully-ieve It or Not" over in the Bob's Burgers subreddit. “He sounds pretty similar to the old Pesto.”

Another noted, “New Jimmy Pesto voice is actually pretty good!” though they added the caveat, “He's maybe just a bit stiff but he's got some good personality and energy and really feels like what the owner of a crappy italian resturant in New Jersey would sound like. I think he's gonna fit in really well after a couple more episodes of experience.”

Hopefully, Bauza doesn't commit too hard to the whole New Jerseyan crappy Italian restaurant owner, or else Fox is going to have to find yet another voice for Jimmy Pesto when the next election riot rolls around.

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