‘Bob’s Burgers’: The Best Episode for Each Family Member

‘Bob’s Burgers’: The Best Episode for Each Family Member

Of all the various animated siblings and parents in the cartoon world, the Belchers are particularly reflective of the American family. Two parents just trying to do right by their kids while maintaining a small business and bringing joy to their community through delicious burgers and a decent amount of chaos. With all their quirks and heartwarming characteristics, it’s hard to nail down the best ways to describe this lovable batch of weirdos who are now in their 13th season. 

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The best way to get to know each member of the Belcher clan is through their respective adventures, which usually test the nobility of their character, strength and loyalty and include at least one to five jokes about farts. So let’s charge up our Kuchi Kopi’s, put on our beef squatch masks and order a burger of the day. These are the best episodes of Bob’s Burgers for each Belcher family member...  

Bob Belcher

Episode: “Crawl Space,” Season 1, Episode 2

Why It’s Their Best: Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) spends his day in the most Bob way possible — literally holing up inside the wall for hours just so he doesn’t have to suffer through his in-laws. Inhaling asbestos and dust seems to be a welcomed vacation for Bob and points to how simple of a man he really is. This is one of H. Jon Benjamin’s favorite episodes, and understandably so due to the absolute hilarity of the situation.  

Linda Belcher

Episode: “Eat, Spray, Linda,” Season 5, Episode 18 

Why It’s Their Best: It’s Linda’s (John Roberts) birthday, and her family is doing their best to show appreciation for their crazy passionate mother. After locking her keys in the car while shopping for groceries, Linda embarks on a wild adventure to return to celebrate her day. While searching for her with the kids, Bob learns so much more about his wife and her usual activities with their children, including her and Gene’s favorite places to get free bakery samples, where she and Louise go to play with puppies and her and Tina’s favorite place to publicly poop. Pair that with a crazy rivalry with a chalk festival, and you have the perfect episode to highlight Linda.     

Tina Belcher

Episode: “Two for Tina,” Season 3, Episode 17

Why It’s Their Best: Who doesn’t love Tina (Dan Mintz), one of the noblest, kind-hearted and positively perverted characters any show has to offer? In this episode, she follows the classic mistake of being asked to a school dance by Josh (Ben Schwartz) and asking Jimmy Junior (H. Jon Benjamin) to the dance on the same night. Tina ultimately goes with Josh only to have Jimmy Junior show up and declare his like for her. This episode brings peak Tina as she watches two hotties dance fight for her heart. Let’s not discount the amount of butt staring, either — it was excessive. Classic Tina.   

Louise Belcher

Episode: “Amelia,” Season 13, Episode 22

Why It’s Their Best: She’s brash, chaotic, aggressive and secretly sweet. Louise (Kristen Schaal) is the type of girl that’ll steal your wallet but then buy you lunch and never tell you about it. However, this season finale has Louise a bit out of her typical demeanor, allowing us to see a softer side. It also provides a more in-depth look at the incredibly brave and innovative person she really is. Researching and reporting on Amelia Earhart for a school project uncovers many similarities between her and the trailblazing pilot. This episode showed the resilient fire that burns in Louise’s heart and the endlessly sweet encouragement she receives from her equally courageous mother.    

Gene Belcher

Episode: “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl,” Season 5, Episode 1

Why It’s Their Best: Needing a replacement play for the year, the school puts the annual production up for bid to the students of Wagstaff. Gene (Eugene Mirman) finally has his opportunity to present his Die Hard musical, but the idea is rejected in favor of his ex-girlfriend’s pitch for a musical from the 1980s film Working Girl. The Belcher siblings deliver for him, though, as they find Gene a space in the school’s boiler room, and Die Hard: The Musical steals the show on opening night. 

This episode is everything we love about Gene Belcher — his passion, talent and undeniable charisma coupled with insane randomness but also genuine kindness. Due to their constant battling, both plays end up being canceled until Gene offers to combine the productions. With 20 minutes of preparation, he pulls off a phenomenal performance incorporating the action thriller with the classic romcom creating a masterpiece that only he could orchestrate. 

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