Gina Carano Claims That Disney Exec Kathleen Kennedy Will Go After Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Families for ‘South Park: Joining the Panderverse’

Carano warned Parker and Stone that Disney will send them to ‘re-education courses’ over the latest ‘South Park’ special
Gina Carano Claims That Disney Exec Kathleen Kennedy Will Go After Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Families for ‘South Park: Joining the Panderverse’

Former Star Wars star and current alt-right grifter Gina Carano says that Kathleen Kennedy is going to come after Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s families — presumably by putting a chick in them and making her gay.

It’s been four days since Parker and Stone released South Park: Joining the Panderverse, in which they mocked Kennedy, “Woke Disney” and the reactionary crybabies who attack them both with racist and sexist harassment every time the entertainment monolith reboots a beloved property with less than 100-percent Aryan representation. Naturally, the “both sides are equally stupid” satire sailed high over the heads of the latter targets as right-wing culture warriors across social media quickly claimed that South Park is on their side of the divide because Cartman said something that reflected their views. Earlier today, wokeness alarmist Elon Musk replied to a promotional tweet from the official South Park account, cryptically declaring, “The bellwether has sounded.”

Even further right on “pronoun provocateur” spectrum, Carano, who lost her role on Disney’s The Mandalorian for, among other things, comparing her “persecution” as a conservative in Hollywood to the Holocaust, responded to the special with a frothing rant about how Parker, Stone and all their loved ones are now in peril for daring to cross Kennedy and Disney. It’s like she completely forgot what South Park made Mickey Mouse do to that bat and the poor pangolin.

When the Star Wars podcast Around the Galaxy reposted Carano’s manic warning to Parker and Stone with the caption, “In case you were wondering, @ginacarano has lost her goddamned mind,” Carano further expounded upon her cancel culture fear-mongering, shooting back, “One of the problems your overlords (meaning Disney, apparently) are having now is that they’ve made a lot of people completely stop caring about one of the most beloved franchises in history, all by bullying, pushing aggressive agendas & trying to silence the people criticizing them.”

“How are they able to tell stories they don’t understand when the ones they identify with are the Empire?” Carano continued, “They are literally trying to squash the little guys, the rebellion. No wonder the story telling is struggling.”

Though the comparison of Disney to the Galactic Empire is an amusing one, Carano's implication that Parker and Stone are “little guys” is decidedly quaint considering how the South Park library is now valued above $1 billion and the pair are spending private island money renovating Casa Bonita. The idea that Disney has enough pull among their industry competitors at Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery to force two of the most successful creators in comedy history to undergo a LGBTQ “re-education course” when the evil empire couldn’t even get Carano herself to take down tweets about Joe Biden stealing the 2020 election is even more laughable than the time Carano starred in Ben Shapiro’s western Terror on the Prairie, only for her right-wing base to call the flop “more woke nonsense” and her “Johnna Wick” because the movie had a female action star.

Truthfully, even if Disney could do a damn thing about Parker and Stone targeting their company and its executives, South Park: Joining the Panderverse couldn’t possibly be the straw that broke the cancel culture camel’s back. Even the ruthless Season 23 episode “Band in China” barely earned Parker and Stone any blowback beyond, fittingly, getting the series banned in China. Carano’s attempts to speak as an expert on edgy humor simply because she got fired for posting memes about being a modern-day Holocaust victim ring hollow when Parker and Stone are, habitually, more pointed and provocative than her Twitter feed ever was. 

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