The Most Unforgivable Moments on ‘South Park’

Even for ‘South Park,’ these moments were morally unthinkable
The Most Unforgivable Moments on ‘South Park’

Let’s be honest: If real-world laws and morality applied to South Park, the only main character who wouldn’t be serving consecutive life-sentences for a litany of appalling offenses would be Kenny — because he’d be dead.

About half of all South Park episodes exist on a moral scale from misanthropic to unconscionable. Trey Parker and Matt Stone set out to create the most obscene, objectionable satire of American culture possible, and, by god, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the last quarter of a century. On South Park, abusive behavior is the default, murder is treated like a misdemeanor and stupid Swiss rules like the Geneva Convention are conveniently ignored whenever it serves the plot for the characters’ crimes to get war-like.

However, on a handful of occasions, beloved cast members have crossed lines that cannot be uncrossed. Over in the South Park subreddit, the superfans recently submitted their answers to the question, “What did a character do that you just can NOT forgive them for?” — ‘member how Randy Marsh is basically an animal sex offender? I ‘member.

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When Cartman Ate All the Skin in a Bucket of KFC

When Randy Assassinated Winnie the Pooh

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When Randy Had Sex With a Bat and a Pangolin and Also Caused COVID

When Butters Grandma Tortured Him

Gerald Cyberbullying Half the Town as Skankhunt42

Everything Cartman Ever Did to Heidi

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