Kenny’s Best Muffled Jokes in ‘South Park’ History

Kenny’s Best Muffled Jokes in ‘South Park’ History

A wise kid once said, “Mmph, mm mph, mmph mm mmph mph.”

Kenny McCormick is one of the more unfortunate characters in the South Park canon. Not only is he perpetually impoverished and constantly dying like a trailer park phoenix — he can’t even properly complain about his circumstances since his signature orange winter jacket muffles his every line. Matt Stone, voice actor for Kenny and co-creator of the show, has previously stated that, though he is, in fact, reading from a script when he records Kenny’s lines, the audience isn’t supposed to understand anything he says — it’s more funny for us to have to fill in the gaps.

Even still, through the power of lip-reading, closed captioning and publicly available scripts, South Park fans can partially decipher Kenny’s muted speech and unearth the absolute gold that he’s mumbling under the hood. Here are Kenny’s best muffled moments…

‘I guess the only thing I wish is not to die’

‘You guys gotta see what we can do to the dog!’

‘Oh my god, they killed Mephesto!’

‘My name’s Kenny’ – ‘Lenny?’ – ‘No, Kenny!’ – ‘Johnny?’ – ‘KENNY!’

‘One of your friends is going to die, don’t you see how serious this is?’ – Whenever I die, it’s not serious’

Kenny the Opera Singer

‘Screw you guys, I’m going home!’

Every Filthy Thing He’s Ever Said in the Intro

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