‘Momma, Who’s Fonzie?’: Adam Sandler Films Promo for Henry Winkler’s Book As Bobby Boucher

A quarter century after the premiere of ‘The Waterboy,’ Boucher is still coming in clutch for Coach Klein
‘Momma, Who’s Fonzie?’: Adam Sandler Films Promo for Henry Winkler’s Book As Bobby Boucher

College football phenom Bobby Boucher Jr. has unofficially endorsed the memoir of Henry WinklerBeing Henry: The Fonz... and Beyond — no word yet on the book scoring a Captain Insano stamp of approval, too.

In his half-century career in show business, Winkler has worn many hats — the terminally cool grease monkey Arthur Fonzarelli, the incompetent attorney Barry Zuckerkorn, the bereaved Barry mentor/victim Gene Cousineau — but no hat besides the floppy, blue bucket one he wore in The Waterboy earned Winkler the affections of one Adam Sandler, comedy legend and autobiography aficionado. Though The Waterboy was critically destroyed upon its release in 1998, the commercial success holds a soft spot in Sandler’s heart — in fact, he credits his other co-star Kathy Bates for teaching to ignore the opinions of pundits, a lesson that led to untold unwatchable credits on his IMDb page.

Tomorrow marks the release date of Winkler’s autobiography, and in celebration and support of his former coach’s achievements, Sandler appeared in character in a Twitter video to sample the product — it’s surprising Mama Boucher even lets him use the Devil’s social media site at all.

Winkler, similarly, has sung Sandler's praise in recent years, even decades after they ever worked together. When asked about Sandler and his time working on The Waterboy in an interview on The Rich Eisen Show back in May, Winkler called the comedian a “brilliant, brilliant creator,” adding, “He is so funny, but he is also so serious. Hes in charge of every detail. He knows what he wants. It works.” 

Maybe Sandler should have been the one drawing up plays then, coach — get that through your medulla oblongata.

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