14 Howlingly Funny Jokes About Werewolves

Like dogs, werewolves provide an endless supply of furry comedy
14 Howlingly Funny Jokes About Werewolves

There doesn’t need to be a full moon to enjoy a werewolf joke. Whether it’s in stand-up or on a TV show, werewolves are just plain funny. Sure, they have big teeth and sometimes attack regular humans, but so does Gary Busey. Werewolves are basically supernatural dogs in the end. Dogs with regular human feet. Well, some of them. (It’s complicated.)

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Before we drift too far into werewolf lore, here are some of the funniest sketches, jokes and scenes featuring our favorite laughable lupines…

‘Saturday Night Live’s Dance Rehearsal

Being a werewolf is difficult, especially when you own a dance studio.

Werewolves, Not Swearwolves

In What We Do in the Shadows, the werewolves try to be the better, more civilized supernatural beings, even when provoked by vampires.

Nore Davis Doesn’t Do Werewolves

“My daughter come home pregnant with somebody — man, I’m just going to show her the same love, and we’re gonna communicate. I ain’t gonna yell at her at all. Unless she brings home somebody that identifies as a werewolf. Fuck that; I don’t want that shit in my home. This is a Team Edward house.”

Jerry’s Itchy Chest

On Seinfeld, Jerry started shaving his chest despite Kramer’s warnings that the hair would come back even thicker and itchier over time. On one full moon, Jerry decides he just can’t hold back anymore.

‘Harvey’s the Werewolf’

Geek & Sundry shows that finding out who the werewolf is within your community is easier than you think.

Patton Oswalt’s Daughter Was Scared By a Werewolf Movie (Or So He Thought)

When Oswalt’s young daughter caught a glimpse of a bloodied Benicio Del Toro as a werewolf on TV, he thought he scarred her for life. Little did he know that the real nightmare for her was Schoolhouse Rock.

‘Wolfman’s Got Nards’

The Monster Squad answers an important scientific question regarding wolfman anatomy.

Werewolf Flanders

When the Simpsons try to cover for the fact that they ran over Ned Flanders, they’re presented with a sudden revelation by Flanders himself.

Halloween Trends

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update offers a rap about stealing Halloween candy from two teens dressed up as werewolves. It’s educational and has good rhymes.

Dave Landau’s Werewolf Roommate

During a stint at a mental hospital, Landau’s assigned roommate identified himself as a werewolf, and, well, there’s a reason why he was on Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening with this story.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

The folks at 30 Rock gave us a supernatural novelty song to mark when a young boywolf becomes a young manwolf.

Kyle Kinane: Werewolves vs. Astrology


Robot Chicken explores the other issues a person can have when they’re a werewolf in a developing relationship.

JC Currais’ Acid Trip While Watching ‘An American Werewolf in London’

“Me and 10 other college freshmen all took acid for the first time, waiting for it to begin affecting us, and somebody put a horror movie about werewolves into a DVD player. One of my buddies convinced himself that the combination of the drugs and the movie was going to turn him into an actual werewolf. I got on the phone with a 9-1-1 operator and said into the phone, ‘Hello, me and my friends are on a whole bunch of drugs, and we’re all about to turn into werewolves.’ And without skipping a beat, the lady on the other end of the phone went, ‘Honey, tonight’s not the full moon.’ 

“I’m not saying that lady deserves a medal, but she’s pretty good at her fucking job. I hung up on her and was like, ‘We’re gonna be fine, homies. Dodged a real silver bullet in this bitch.’”

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