When you take away the huge mansions, and the solid-gold bidets, and the piles of cash, famous people are just like us. We know this because, like normal folks, they all have super weird hobbies.

For example ...

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Benicio del Toro is a huge fan of Iron Maiden. RANMIDE And he completely geeked out over the guitarist's daughter. When del Toro found out a productio

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Anthony Hopkins was a huge fan of American ldol. He even wanted to turn the show into a movie. In particular, he was a big fan of judges Simon Cowell

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Lucy Lawless is a huge fan of criminal justice. And wherever she goes, she likes to attend trials. I spend a lot of time in the courthouse of whateve

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Ice Cube geeks out over architecture. ICE CUBE CELEBRATES THE EAMES He's a Getty Museum expert on the subject. Before returning to Compton to revoluti

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