‘Simpsons’ Moments That Got the Show Banned from Fans’ Households

‘What did that boy just saying about digesting shorts?!?!?!’
‘Simpsons’ Moments That Got the Show Banned from Fans’ Households

Throughout history, testing boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable has been a big part of growing up in any household. In the age of cable, children looking to dip their toes an inch past the line of misbehavior have been able to outsource that transgression to their favorite TV shows. Anybody want any damn vegetables?

The Simpsons is, generally speaking, a family friendly affair — though the long-running series does occasionally exceed the restraints of a TV-PG rating, the language and subject matter of The Simpsons usually passes the parental guidance test for late elementary school kids of Bart’s demographic. However, every now and then, The Simpsons will blurt out a swear word or an entendre that will slip by the Fox censors but not past the perked ears of concerned parents, leading to the series being banned from the household until either the time when all children turn 13 or the parents leave the house for 30 minutes.

Over in the Simpsons subreddit, superfans who grew up with Fox’ first family of animation shared the times when The Simpsons landed itself on the household blacklist for objectionable content. Here are a few of their testimonials…

“Its a pornography store. I was buying pornography!” — iPodDude45

“Season Two, Episode Nine (Itchy & Scratchy & Marge) — when Maggie hit Homer on the head with the mallet, that was it, no more Simpsons for me” — max_power84

“My step dad would make us turn it off for Itchy & Scratchy, then turn it back on 30 seconds later. Said it was too violent” — MyUncleIsBen

“My mom hated how Bart talked to Homer, but fortunately, my dad liked the show, so it was a draw, and it never got banned.” — Altruistic-Wing-3131

“When Bart stole Bloodstorm (sic) from Try-N-Save. So tell your folks, ‘Buy me Bonestorm or go to hell!’” — emperorjarjar

“Not me, but my friend’s son started choking kids in his preschool. They seemed to think it came from the ‘Simpsons’” — pxland

“Go to hell, you old bastard” — FantasyBaseballChamp

“Ow, my freaking ears!” — BoxOfElephantRain

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