The Best Sign Gags in ‘Simpsons’ History

The Best Sign Gags in ‘Simpsons’ History

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a killer sign joke from The Simpsons gets the job done in about a dozen.

Springfield, (State Unspecified) is a peculiar place compared to the rest of America. The city or town boasts some of the more unusual mottos that change from day-to-day, including, “World’s Fattest Town,” “The World’s Meanest City” and, my personal favorite, “The Little Town That Can’t and Won’t.” Springfield loves a snappy slogan that does a crappy job of actually marketing whatever it’s supposed to signify, as well as signs, logos and markers that are less informative than they are unforgettable.

Simply put, no one does a solid sign gag better than The Simpsons, and no town has more unusual billboards, bumper stickers and skywriting advertisements than Springfield. Over in the Simpsons subreddit, the superfans recently discussed which of The Simpsons’ many sign gags are their absolute favorites. Here are some of the top picks…

Emphasis on “May Not”

The Sign That Wasnt A Fed

Even Funnier on Lower Resolution

“False Advertising, Man!”

Poor Canada

Willies Private Quarters

Also See, “Two Guys from Quantico”

Alternate: “3 Days Without A Suicide”

Plenty to Go Around

Adderall Office

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