The Best Germany Jokes in ‘Simpsons’ History

The funniest digs at Deutschland that still haven’t started another world war
The Best Germany Jokes in ‘Simpsons’ History

Over the last 34 years, The Simpsons has done a pretty good job of spreading its good-natured teasing among the world’s many cultures somewhat evenly. But some humorless peoples received a bit more ribbing than others. Apparently they come from the land of chocolate.

Though The Simpsons sometimes finds itself in hot water for embracing international stereotypes for the sake of comedy, when a country finds itself on the receiving end of a Simpsons joke, it can become a part of their lexicon. Some Australians still call their money dollarydoos. The Scots have been putting up with it for decades with the over-the-top accented ramblings of Groundskeeper Willie influencing fans’ perceptions of the contentious people, and some countries have even banned certain Simpsons episodes after receiving less-than-favorable portrayals — Brazil still refuses to air “Blame It on Lisa” after it showed Rio de Janeiro as dangerous and crime-ridden.

For its part, Germany has taken its many blows from The Simpsons in stride, though they don’t air the episode “Cape Feare” due to their completely understandable aversion to Nazi iconography. Clearly, Germany can take a joke better than it can take an L after a World War, which is a good thing, considering how much The Simpsons (and everyone else) loves to laugh at Germany’s expense. Over in the Simpsons subreddit, superfans recently discussed which of the show’s many Germany jokes are their favorites. Here are a few of the top picks…

“Hitler, North Dakota?”

“Your Beer Is Like Swill to Us — Do I Have That Right? Only A Swine Would Drink This?”

“Ah, the Luftwaffe, The Washington Generals of the History Channel”

“Hey Wait, Thats Not A Dummy!”

“Das Is Not Eine Boobie”

“I Am A New Tie Wearing”

“Heres my impression of an East German woman — Keess me, or Ill crush you

“Das Wagen Phone Ist Eine Nuissance Phone!”

“It’ll Be A Welcome Change From Our Annual ‘Do As We Say’ Festival Started By German Settlers in 1946”

“No One Who Speaks German Could Be an Evil Man”

“Alright, Mr. Burns, You Vin. But Bevare, We Germans Arent All Smiles and Sunshine”

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