13 Funny, But Just Barely Comprehensible Jokes from Characters Speaking Total Gibberish

Sometime the funniest punchlines are the one that most confuse your earholes
13 Funny, But Just Barely Comprehensible Jokes from Characters Speaking Total Gibberish

Throughout television history, hilarious jokes have been crafted out of utter nonsense. A character, either due to a speech impediment, anger or assorted other issues, can complete a punchline by just randomly muttering with or without context. Today, we celebrate those moments.

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Below are some of the funniest jokes, scenes and sketches featuring a character just uttering pure gibberish…

Kenny from ‘South Park’

Kenny’s muffled speech has been played for laughs for decades on South Park, but fans can get the full experience when they watch the show with subtitles.

James William Bottomtooth

On Family Guy, snobbish Mid-Atlantic rich guy James William Bottomtooth is just as wealthy as he is incomprehensible.

‘Pussy on the Chainwax’

Key & Peele dives into the awkwardness of trying to get a nonsense phrase to catch on with your friends.

Father Fay

On Father Ted, the aging priest seems like a nice enough guy even though he moves and speaks like a monkey.

Whenever Donald Duck Loses His Shit

Cousin Itt

The hairiest member of the Addams Family may be difficult to discern, but he’s still quite the ladies’ man.

The Cheat

On the web cartoon Homestar Runner (remember when those were a thing?), Strong Bad gets an email regarding his friend The Cheat’s lack of comprehensible speech. It’s just unfair. You just try to pronounce “Douglas.” YOU CAN’T!

Simon on ‘Frisky Dingo’

Killface’s son on Frisky Dingo has his own aims and goals — if only we could understand him.

Swedish Chef

The Muppets culinary expert has a great imagination in the kitchen despite the fact no one can comprehend what he’s saying.

Mickey O’Neil in ‘Snatch’

The words pouring out of Brad Pitt’s fast-mumbling fighter in Snatch are hard to figure out, except when it comes to protecting his ma.

Dr. Pepper

Patton Oswalt went into the Toronto open mic scene and discussed one performer named Dr. Pepper, a heroin addict who would time travel between his comedy bits. Thanks, heroin!

‘5 DOLLARS?!?’

On The Simpsons, Homer is quite the lothario based on his drunken love letters to Marge.

Boomhauer vs. Patch

Boomhauer has always been a speedy mushmouth on King of the Hill, but it goes into overdrive when his brother Patch gets involved — especially when the two are at each other’s throats.

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