John Stamos Says Bob Saget Sabotaged Him During Early Days of ‘Full House’

Stamos accuses Saget of having ‘comedy Tourette’s’
John Stamos Says Bob Saget Sabotaged Him During Early Days of ‘Full House’

Have mercy! Uncle Jesse sure participated in a lot of fussin’ and feudin’ on Full House, as John Stamos’s new memoir If You Would Have Told Me reveals. We knew he had it out for the Olsen twins — hey, who doesn’t? — but he also didn’t get along with America’s Dad Bob Saget. At least, not at first. 

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As Full House got underway, Stamos reveals that his personal commitment to thespian principles (so important to realizing the potential of Uncle Jesse’s “Watch the hair!” squeals) were sabotaged by the stand-up sensibilities of Saget. Specifically, Stamos complains about Saget’s “comedy Tourettes,” cracking jokes while Stamos was obsessing over his character’s motivations. 

A secondary source of conflict: Who got to hold baby Michelle? (Presumably, the baby-holder would be the focus of attention.)

Did Stamos love or hate Saget? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. “Bob is the humblest egomaniac I’ve ever met, but he undercuts his narcissism by being so damn lovable,” Stamos says. “One day he thinks he is the least desirable person on earth, the next day he insists that every woman guest starring on Full House is in love with him.”

Over the years, the two actors got over the whole sabotage business with Stamos forgiving the comic for trying to be funny all the time. Stamos, Saget and Dave Coulier all bonded when their respective sisters fell ill at the same time. Then Saget and Stamos became like brothers, the book reveals, when the two men got divorced around the same time. 

Stamos says he was devastated by Saget’s passing in 2022, falling to his knees in a parking lot when he heard the news. “Bob had this idea that there would be a magical event making him the biggest star in the world,” Stamos writes, “and at the same time, something that would solve all the other problems he was dealing with in life.”

He wished Saget could have been around for the outpouring of love that followed as his former co-star craved validation. “The irony is, he already had it,” Stamos says. “I’m heartbroken he didn’t think he was good enough. He was and always will be to me and the rest of the world.”

As for the Olsen twins? That bonding never happened. From the beginning, Stamos quickly figured out that the adorable Tanner kids were becoming the focus of the show and he begged producers to “Get me the fuck off this show.” He even tried to get the little Olsen rugrats fired for screaming and crying too much. Mary-Kate and Ashley exacted their revenge by refusing to take part in the Full House reboot

You got what you had coming, Stamos. Olsen twins never forget. 

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