Pre-'WandaVision', Elizabeth Olsen Was The Center Of A Very '90s Mary-Kate and Ashley Diss Track

Pre-'WandaVision', Elizabeth Olsen Was The Center Of A Very '90s Mary-Kate and Ashley Diss Track

2Before she (literally) captivated the nation as the MCU's Wanda Maximoff, starring in Disney+'s hit series WandaVision, actress Elizabeth Olsen had another notable claim to fame -- merely existing as the little sister of '90s twin superstars, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Although having two of the world's most famous child stars for older siblings may have its perks, as apparent through her appearances in several of her sister's Hollywood endeavors throughout the '90s, it also has its downfalls -- namely, finding herself at the center of a beloved hip-hop diss track before even graduating from elementary school. 

In 1994, as a part of the Olsen twin's wildly popular The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley series, the duo dropped a two-minute 22-second jam entitled "B-U-T-T Out," in which they lament over having to look after their younger sister while attempting to solve the caper du jour, taking every opportunity to absolutely dunk on poor Elizabeth, dubbed "Lizzie" in the clip. 

"You want to come too. We know you do, and maybe someday you will" the track starts off, cutting between clips of Mary-Kate and Ashley rapping to the camera and respectively rocking out on the bass guitar and drums. "She wants to come now, No way, no how! Sorry, negativesville Why not? Why not? Let's see, why not, Lizzie baby, we'd rather you weren't along today, but shouldn't we tell her why? We'd just rather you weren't okay? Now back off and say goodbye." Even as we catch glimpse of little Elizabeth's heartbreakingly sad expression, as phrases like "Get Lost!" appear on screen, the twins double down on their exclusion, listing several unpleasant fates they'd prefer to spending the day with their younger sis.

"We'd rather be picked up by a twister than tagged along after by a sister. We'd rather eat french-fried garden snails, we'd rather lose all out fingernails, or bathe in a pool of slime!" they tauntingly sing. "Hasta la vista, baby sista! Maybe some other time." Ouch. Who knew that two approximately eight-year-old girls giving their best Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation could cut so deep. 

Since re-emerging on Twitter over the weekend, the sisters' savage single quickly went viral, garnering more than 1.4 million views in a handful of days, with several fans flocking to share their thoughts on the kiddie dis track, realizing the MCU star was in fact related to the famous twins ...

... broaching another diss track the duo released about their younger brother ...

... and even questioning if Mary-Kate and Ashley are actually the top-secret mystery cameos widely speculated to appear in WandaVison's final episodes. Sorry, Doctor Strange!

So, although the younger Olsen sister may have found herself the butt of "B-U-T-T Out!" considering she's starring in a smash-hit show of her own, it seems all is well that ends well. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be waiting for Elizabeth to drop her rebuttal single -- after 27 years, it's gotta be good. 

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