3 Bonkers Theories From WandaVision's Latest Villainous Twist

3 Bonkers Theories From WandaVision's Latest Villainous Twist

"It was Agatha all along!" You (may have) guessed it! Friday's installment of WandaVision confirmed a popular fan theory that Agnes, Wanda's nosy neighbor, is actually Agatha Harkness, an incredibly powerful witch that served as Wanda Maximoff's mentor in the Marvel comics, teaching her real magic. One of the original surviving sorceresses from the Salem Witch trials, Agatha has regularly appeared as a background character throughout the Marvel universe, babysitting Franklin Richards, a budding hero from the Fantastic Four, and mothering Nicholas Scratch, a supervillain infamous for antagonizing the aforementioned hero quartet and Hellcat. Upon this reveal, done in the form of the extremely catchy evil earworm "it was Agatha alllllll along!" this musical cliffhanger has left nearly as many questions as it answered, leaving fans wondering what the broader implications are for WandaVision's final two episodes and the MCU as a whole. 

From how a small decoration from Agatha's hideout may confirm the return of Doctor Strange, to what she may have to do with X-Men's Pietro showing up in Westview, here are the three wildest theories about what this reveal may mean for Wanda and Disney's superhero canon. 

1. Agatha may have created the Hex, potentially explaining why Evan Peters' Pietro from the X-Men appears at Wanda's door.

Aside from pinning all the accidents and mistakes of the past seven episodes on Agatha, this reveal alludes to a larger implication -- she as opposed to Wanda created the Hex. Her motivation behind creating the strange sitcom universe is still up for debate, with many arguing it's to drain Wanda's magical powers, citing the creepy Yo-Magic yogurt commercial as an allegory for starving our titular heroine of her abilities, however many argue that this revelation confirms why we got X-Men's Pietro versus the MCU's.

During the absolute banger that is "Agatha All Along," we see the sorceress sitting on Wanda's lawn, a glass of wine in hand appearing to control Pietro as he appears at Wanda's door. Although the jury is still out over whether Wanda can reanimate the dead, with many assuming she likely can't, based on her telling her children she can't bring back their dog Sparky after he dies (thanks a lot Cruella de Harkness), it seems unlikely that she brought Pietro back, a notion furthered by her conversation with Vision over not knowing who was at their door, her look of shock to see her brother, and the aforementioned picnic clip. 

This combination of factors has led many fans and critics to believe that instead of reanimating him from the dead, Agnes simply grabbed X-Men's Quicksilver from their universe instead of attempting to reincarnate the MCU's equivalent. "I still think Peters’ Pietro really is his character from the 'X-Men' movies, plucked from the multiverse by Agatha as a proxy for Wanda's brother because, in truth, dead is dead and there was no bringing the Aaron Taylor-Johnson Pietro back to life," the Chicago Tribune's Adam B. Vary wrote of the episode. 

While this theory is not ironclad, especially considering the mysterious cutaway to Peters appearing dead at one point in episode six, as well as the post credits scene in episode seven, where he seemingly is about to fight Captain Monica Rambeau after peering into Agnes's magical basement, it seems Agatha brought back X-Men's iteration for a reason -- beyond potentially setting the stage for the plucky band of mutants to join the MCU.

2. Agatha's spooky book may herald the introduction of Doctor Strange into the WandaVision universe -- at least according to a popular TikTok theory.

Paul Bettany, the actor behind Vision, sat down with Esquire last week to discuss several WandaVision fan theories, including one about a secret beloved Avenger returning for the highly-praised MCU serial. "This is the theory that says that there is some mysterious Avenger who's gonna appear in WandaVision and people seem to think that mysterious Avenger is Doctor Strange," Bettany explained.  "The truth is that all the characters that we were trying to keep secret, a lot of them got out through leaks, there is one character that has not been revealed, and it is very exciting, it's an actor I've longed to work with all of my life, um we have some amazing scenes together and the chemistry between us is, I think extraordinary," the actor recalled. "It was just fireworks on set, so I'm really excited for people to see that stuff." 

As Bettany noted, many have suspected Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch to be this character, a notion strengthened by a cloaked figure appearing in a teaser for the show and how an interaction between Wanda and the aforementioned hero could set the groundwork for future events in the upcoming film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where Elizabeth Olsen will reprise her role as the Scarlet Witch. The latest episode provides more proof surrounding a potential appearance, namely, the ominous-looking book in Agnes's lair. 

While reportedly binging every MCU film in order, TikTok user @tslom made a fascinating connection between WandaVision's latest episode and Doctor Strange's titular movie, chronicling their discovery in a video that has garnered more than 362,500 likes less than a day after being posted. "When Dr. Strange goes in the library to talk to Wong I noticed something," they wrote above clips of the 2016 flick, including a wide shot of the Ancient One's private collection of magic books. "There is a book missing!!!!" the text reads, zooming in over the notably hexagonal-shaped empty shelf where the book should sit. 


@tslom then cuts to a shot of Wanda entering Agatha's secret underground witchcraft bunker, highlighting the spooky, glowing book sitting atop an altar. "If you go to WandaVisions most recent episode, when Wanda is walking under 'Agnes's' house, there the book is !!!!!!" they explained. Although this has yet to be confirmed, several fans have been debating if this has any significance, with some guessing that the book in Agatha's hideout is not the one missing, citing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (even though the show may not be considered canon according to Marvel Studios' President, Kevin Feige), as others are convinced this may connect the two characters for films to come

The theories connecting Doctor Strange and Wanda following Friday's episode also exist outside of TikTok. Some have speculated that in searching for her children who seem to go missing towards the end of the episode, Wanda, who is already grappling with the grief of her late brother and husband, will team up with Doctor Strange in an attempt to bring back Billy and Tommy

3. Agatha's rabbit Senor Scratchy may secretly be the series' ultimate villain.

With the show's canon confirming that Agnes was a villain in disguise -- sing it with me, folks -- several fans think the nosy neighborhood sorceress may not be the only evil presence in the Hex, with several long-running theories pointing to the witch's pet bunny, Senor scratchy. Since we first met the rabbit in the second episode of the series, fans have debated over whether Senor Scratchy holds the future of the MCU in his fluffy little paws, with some wondering if he has a more sinister identity. 

In light of last Friday's reveal, these rumors seemingly have more merit especially as many question if the sorceress is actually the series' true antagonist. It may have been Agatha all along, but in the comics, the sorceress and Wanda share a contentious mentor-mentee type relationship, as opposed to existing as mortal foes, a nuance not lost on WandaVision fans. One explanation is that Scratchy is Nicholas Scratch, her aforementioned son, as apparent from his name and the fact that he's the closest thing Agatha has to a child.

Another theory is that Senor Scratchy is Mephisto, an extra-dimensional demon featured in the comics, who is technically the father of Wanda's children. In the comics, Wanda was unable to have children with Vision, so she drew on elements of the supervillain's power to create Tommy and Billy's souls -- a.k.a Speed and Wiccan. Although Disney could potentially streamline this plot, keeping Vision as the boys' father to avoid creating an awkward necessity for a Westview iteration of Jerry Springer, this canon could easily apply to the MCU as well. 

Baby daddy drama aside, several theories point to Mephisto's existence in the MCU and WandaVision. Aside from the rabbit's name "Senor Scratchy," which may allude to "old scratch" as an antiquated nickname for the devil, several fans point to Wanda noticing the bunny and a cicada buzzing on Agatha's curtains while visiting her home, moments before discovering her witchy lair. In the comics, Mephisto first shows up to terrorize Earth four billion years ago, taking the form of a fly, Tech Radar notes of the potential easter egg. Even though appearing as a different type of flying insect, this note has led many to believe this to be an allusion to the villain, especially considering Marvel has been known to shift minor details to avoid spoiling major reveals, according to The Independent's assessment. 

Another clue comes earlier on, as Wanda's universe begins to unravel, with several set items glitching between the show's many time periods. Amid her Modern Family-esque interviews, we hear a man's voice ask her a question. "Do you think this is maybe what you deserve?" the disembodied voice questions from behind the camera. Wanda shoots the interviewer a quizzical look. "What? You're not supposed to talk," she asks, the show immediately cutting away to a commercial break. As we later see Agatha sitting in a director's chair behind the camera amid her musical reveal, one explanation for this oddity could be the sorceress distorting her voice, however, it seems plausible that the person behind the camera may have been a different male character. As Agatha put it earlier in the episode, "the devil is in the details."

So, what does this all mean? 

As much as I'd love to have all the answers about what's in store for the series' final two episodes, I know just as much as any other internet snooping pop culture writer -- which is approximately nothing. However, there is one thing we know for sure -- the "Agatha all Along" song will undoubtedly be stuck in my head for years to come. Sing it with me folks, "thanks to Agatha, naughty Agatha, it was Agatha ALLLL along!"

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