There's no doubt that celebrities have it good. Fame, fortune, and legions of adoring fans are just some of the perks they enjoy. But what about love? Surely, with all that glamour and power, celebrities must have no trouble finding someone to share their lives with. Right? Wrong. Celebrity romances come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them end in heartbreak. Sometimes it seems like being a celebrity just isn't worth the hassle when it comes to matters of the heart.

So, you've probably been reading the tabloids and wondering what in the world is going on with celebrity relationships. It seems like every other day, there's a new pairing that has everyone scratching their heads, but why? Sure, celebrities date people who aren't famous all the time, but when they involve themselves with another celebrity, it just becomes a circus. Let's take a look at some of the most infamous WTF celebrity romances and try to make sense of them.

LANCE ARMSTRONG ASHLEY OLSEN ARRY The bicycle cheat was seen swapping spit with then-21-year-old Ashley in New York bars. Friends warned that dating someone 15 years younger would ruin his image, a task Armstrong proved capable of doing without Olsen's help.

E Online

DAVID SPADE HEATHER LOCKLEAR What's David Spade's secret to dating some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood? It's simple, according to Locklear: He's funny and ... he has a big c***kk

Daily Mail

AMY POEHLER JOHN STAMOS I was at dinner with John Stamos... and I was like, 'Oh, maybe this is a date!' but I blew it, remembers Poehler. I think I was wearing a Leslie Knope shirt. I wasn't foxy. Stamos stands by his intentions: It was a date in

ABC News

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