21 of the Funniest TikToks from the Week of October 9, 2023

‘FE FI FO FUM’ is pretty good
21 of the Funniest TikToks from the Week of October 9, 2023

Despite everything pointing to a Biden/Trump cage fight in 2024, two governors are hellbent on throwing their names in the presidential ring, too. Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis, of California and Florida respectively, have been laying the groundwork for a presidential bid. Part of this work includes a scheduled debate between the diametrically opposed twosome. Next month, Newsom will take a break from recklessly vetoing bills that would benefit his constituents, and DeSantis will briefly stop making Florida uninhabitable for anyone who doesn’t agree with him, in order to take the Fox News stage for a 90-minute debate

While everyone will be keen on hearing what these two middle-aged rising stars have to say in regards to policy, eyes will especially be on DeSantis to see not only where he stands, but also how he stands. Over the last few months, people have considered the possibility that DeSantis’ ugly boots are equipped with lifts to make him appear taller. The conspiracy theory has taken over Twitter, TikTok and will surely hit Facebook months from now. One TikToker seems to have cracked the code, though, sharing the best possible theory on what’s happening inside those boots.

The boot debate isn’t the only thing that made us laugh on TikTok this week either. Other gems include one girl’s Thanksgiving trauma, someone who treasures Venus Williams and a little girl with some serious attachment issues. 

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