20 Exceedingly Strange Conspiracy Theories

20 Exceedingly Strange Conspiracy Theories

We already know there are people who believe the moon landing was a hoax. But did you know there are those who think Finland doesn’t exist? Or that Paul McCartney was replaced with a doppelgänger after meeting his untimely demise back in 1966? 

There’s a whole world of conspiracy theories out there, and when they’re not prompting people to storm the Capitol and topple American democracy, they can be kinda fun. Naturally, you can poke a hole in a conspiracy theory almost immediately, but it’s fun to suspend belief for just a minute and think, “What if JFK’s head really did do that on its own?” 

For their part, Redditors have shared a number of the outlandish conspiracy theories they’ve stumbled across over the years. The commenters all agree that they’re far-fetched, but maybe you’ll find one that suits you.

Pr3tz3188 . 33d That the great fire of London was actually started by a rat spontaneously combusting. ... Reply 962

BitchyWitchy19 33d So this is a super odd one. I've heard most of the more common ones but this lady blew my mind. I am the lead teacher in the infant room at a daycare. There was a couple taking a tour of our facility for their upcoming baby (mom was still pregnant during this). So as they are standing in the room and I'm doing my usual spiel of what a day typically entails I mention that I have certain toys that are really helpful in identifying colors. Somehow I mentioned something about primary and secondary colors. Mom starts

IHeartPenguins0. 33d A former neighbor of mine claimed that there was a gold mine underneath the apartment building we lived in. She claimed that she saw miners going into secret entrances in the middle of the night, and the landlord was getting filthy rich without sharing anything with us. She couldn't explain how they shipped the gold out without anybody noticing, or how an apartment building could be built directly on top of a mine. She seemed sane enough before that conversation, so I was really surprised. ... Reply 1.2k

kawaiisienna . 33d Recently heard one that said that hurricanes are specifically targeting Florida, because Florida gets hit with so many hurricanes. Make it make sense ... Reply 726

Megatron4Prez2024 . 33d That Disneyland sits on stolen land and the castle is a secret ICBM missile launching facility. I met a lady on a bus one time that told me her tale. You see her family used to own the land that Disneyland sits on back in the day. They didn't want to sell, but Disney used coercive tactics to get the land. Now she is the last survivor of her family and thus the lone claimant left alive that could seek justice in court!

artistandattorney . 33d Some of the flat earthers claim that Australia doesn't exist and that even the airline pilots are in on the scam. When you fly there, they are actually taking you somewhere else. ... Reply 656

SomeChimeraGuy . 3 33d Jim Morrison is Chevy Chase ... Reply 308

tonyk11 . 33d The secret city for the world's elite underneath the Denver airport. ... Reply 77

potatoelegend . 3 33d My mom said the government was drugging the q. tips for the covid tests I had to take weekly at work to try to turn everyone liberal ... Reply 138

Sea_Grass1124 33d Birds are spy drones and land on power lines to recharge ... Reply 204

DOEsquire . 3 33d Recently, that the color blue is fireproof. They heard a satire post on tik tok I guess... Apparently anything blue isn't catching on fire in Maui so the government made blue fireproof. It's wild and people fucking believe it. ... Reply 24

BALLZ2BUTTHOLE 33d That Miley Cyrus' success was because of the death of Eric Clapton's son. The year that Billy Ray Cyrus had a MAJOR hit (Achy Breaky Heart) he was supposed to win 'Best of everything that year, like the song was EVERYWHERE. That same year Eric Clapton's releases his song 'Tears In Heaven about his son's tragic death. This moved people to vote for him to win everything that year. So how does Billy Ray Cyrus get back at him? Не makes his daughter one of the largest stars knowing that Eric Clapton couldn't do the same for his

Mammyjam . 32d I knew a lad who claimed that all horse racing is fixed. His evidence was that the 100/1 horse almost never wins. Reply 7

Kunikunatu . 33d A friend in high-school told me that the Earth is dish- shaped. Not flat, not round. Dish-shaped. ... Reply 10

KyWebb45. 5y That Stephen King murdered John Lennon ... 1.4k

I_AM_KING_HALLER 5y Katy Perry is actually JonBenét Ramsey, the child beauty queen who was murdered in 1996. ... 2.9k

dbot_121 . 5y That Mattress Firm stores are popping up everywhere cause they're a part of a money laundering scheme. I mean... it's pretty interesting to think about. We have at least 4 or 5 in my area alone, why do we need that many Mattress Firm stores when the average person only buys a bed every 7 to 10 years? ... 2.4k

x2P . 5y My mom believes that secret government lasers caused the hurricanes and the California fires over the last couple of years. She also thinks CERN's super collider is satanic and they are trying to open portals to Saturn. The world was supposed to end on Easter, it didn't, so now it ends in about 1 month. Also bitcoin is the devil's one world currency. Oh and terminator style robots are going to kill us because she saw a YouTube video about AI. ... 670

Narhen . 5y One time a TV show tried to convince me that the CIA put cancer on Hugo Chávez' underwear and that's how he developed and died from cancer in the pelvic region. They truly broke this down. They essentially said that the CIA has weaponized cancer. They proceeded to steal Hugo Chávez' underwear, put cancer on it, somehow put it back in his belongings, and then he died from it. ... 394

quax747 . ! 5y One I read just recently: the selling of ridiculous simple pieces of art (e.g. white canvas, fully black and so on) is actually the mafia disguising their transactions. ... 34
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