The Best Misinformation ‘The Simpsons’ Ever Taught Its Fans

The Best Misinformation ‘The Simpsons’ Ever Taught Its Fans

Learning about the world through The Simpsons is a slightly less reliable method than learning about it at Springfield Elementary, but both will teach you that embiggen is a perfectly cromulent word.

Most lifelong Simpsons fans start their love affair with the show in their early years when they’re young, impressionable and easily convinced that the ending of Little Women is laughably on-the-noseThe Simpsons’ playful approach to satire sometimes makes it hard for those with little life experience to differentiate between the stuff that’s made up for a joke and the actual realities of the world that the show is skewering that episode. 

Over in the Simpsons subreddit, some fans recently revealed how they have been unintentionally led astray by their most trusted TV show, leading to some uncomfortable revelations in Australian bathrooms. Here are a few of the ways The Simpsons has accidentally misinformed their most gullible fans…

“(I thought) that ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ is a musical” – Sad_Slice_5334

“For decades I thought Lee Carvallo was a real person” – MysteriousTBird

“I falsely believed that ‘Paint Your Wagon’ was a joke, but it actually is seriously a real musical western starring Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin.” – TheHYPO

“I thought that there were seven Rocky movies at the time, including ‘Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge’” – saint_aura

“I thought Brown University was the shittiest college ever but later found out it’s a fancy Ivy League and Lisa was indeed overreacting over the failed test” – Lord-Zaltus

“I used to think ‘Lionel’ was a title given to a lawyer in America — Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum, Lionel Hutz” – GJJames

“I thought police had a master key that unlocks all doors” – beefstewforyou

“I thought ‘Guys and Dolls’ had a song that went, ‘Guys and dolls, we are all just a bunch of crazy guys and dolls’ – Fire_The_Torpedo2011

“I can not tell you how disappointed I was when I went to Australia and the toilets didn’t spin the other way” – nlaverde11

“‘Planet of the Apes’ has way less song and breakdancing than I was led to believe” – herberstank

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