The 8 Worst ‘Simpsons’ Characters Ever

Which Springfield citizens wore out their welcome 30 years ago?
The 8 Worst ‘Simpsons’ Characters Ever

Despite the massive success of The Simpsons, not every side character introduced during its 34-year tenure can capture the hearts and minds of the audience. Every now and then, there’s bound to be a Poochy.

The Simpsons fandom loves to discuss their favorite show’s dud episodes — especially those that came after the dawn of the 21st century — but die-hards don’t discuss dud characters with nearly the same fervor. Of course, everyone loves to trash an obnoxious, brown-nosing celebrity cameo from the Lady Gagas and Elon Musks of the Simpsons universe, but there are a select few Springfield citizens who have been around for the entire ride and still haven’t earned their respect among the daunting Simpsons canon.

Over in the Simpsons subreddit, the superfans recently discussed their least favorite Simpsons characters of all time, starting with…

Jacqueline Bouvier

Marge’s mother doesn’t add anything to the Bouvier family dynamic that Patty and Selma didn’t already bring twice. Though she is present in some of the most important flashback scenes in Marge’s arc, Grandma Bouvier does little to enhance her episodes and ends up as just one of the many ineffective parental (or grandparental) figures swirling around Springfield.

Disco Stu

The trope of the one-note side character who is basically just a walking costume is as dead as — well, you get it. Stuart Discothèque’s aesthetic was already aging like milk when he was introduced to the series in 1996, and nowadays the novelty character feels absolutely ancient. Contrary to what he may claim, Disco Stu cannot still boogaloo.

Lindsay Naegle

As one of the corporate writers responsible for shoehorning Poochy into Itchy & Scratchy, Nagle is an automatic add to this list. The founder of the Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays Against Parasitic Parents, she is an effective foil of the family values touted by Marge and the rest of the mothers, but unlike disgusting children, the “rich soulless yuppie” shtick gets old quick.

Agnes Skinner

The overbearing mother of Seymour Skinner (or surrogate mother of Armin Tamzarian if we consider that episode canon) is more of a running joke in her son’s more interesting arc than her own character. Perpetually embittered and unsatisfied, Agnes adds little to anyone’s life in Springfield — except for that time she rocked Comic Book Guy’s world.

Artie Ziff

Marge’s occasionally wealthy and sometimes-incarcerated prom date may contribute to juicy marital conflict between Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, but his nasal arrogance gets absolutely grating when he imposes himself upon an episode — or the Simpson family home.

Luann Van Houten

Milhouse’s indulgently divorced mother is, sadly, not nearly as entertaining as her putz of an ex-husband. Like so many underwritten female characters, Luann is defined almost entirely by her relationships with men — though you must commend her for her gladiatorial taste in men post-Kirk.

Gil Gunderson

Ah jeez, even on the list of uninspiring characters Ol’ Gil can’t get a win. Though The Simpsons loves a sad sack, this Jack Lemmon impression plays decidedly one-note, and he’s a poor replacement for the late Phil Hartman’s Lionel Hutz when the Simpson clan needs an incompetent lawyer.

Helen Lovejoy

“Will someone please think of the children?” cries the proselytizing pastor’s wife any time scandal or impropriety rear their ugly heads in Springfield. An incorrigible gossip and a former cosmetics saleswoman, Helen adds little to the fabric of the Springfield community that other sanctimonious Christian characters (like her husband) don’t already provide in spades.

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