The Best Times ‘The Simpsons’ Took Shots at Other Fox Shows

All of the funniest Fox burns from ‘The Simpsons,’ with apologies to Seth MacFarlane
The Best Times ‘The Simpsons’ Took Shots at Other Fox Shows

As the flagship comedy series for Fox, The Simpsons has long had free rein to ridicule their hosts in whatever way the writers see fit. Rupert Murdoch might not have had a soul, but he did have a sense of humor.

Over 34 seasons, Fox’s spectacularly enduring series has taken its satirical aim at every popular show, movie and musician in media, but the best burns have always been the ones that hit closest to home. The novelty of a TV show bashing not just its network, but the shows that air before and after it still hasn’t worn off after more than three decades. In fact, The Simpsons’ eagerness to pick fights with its neighbors has created many of the most memorable one-off jokes in its history.

The fans in the Simpsons subreddit recently discussed their favorite Fox digs — and, predictably, Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy got it with both barrels. Here are the top jokes about Fox shows in Simpsons history…

The Entire X-Files Cameo

Luke Perry, the Big TV Star

Fox News: Not Racist, But #1 With Racists’

Springfield Beats Arlen in Pee-Wee Football

When Peter Griffin Was in the Field of Homer Clones in Treehouse of Horror

‘And If You Ever Want to Visit My Show— 
‘Nah, Were Not Going to Be Doing That

‘Married… With Children’ Gets Mocked

Peter Griffin and Stan Smith Are Wanted in Italy for Plagiarism

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