The Best Exchanges Between Homer Simpson and His Own Brain

The Best Exchanges Between Homer Simpson and His Own Brain

It’s estimated that between 50 and 70 percent of people don’t have an inner monologue. Technically speaking, Homer Simpson is among them, because his internal thoughts are a full conversation.

Throughout the run of The Simpsons, Homer’s relationship with his own brain has always been a tenuous one — after all, the closest they’ve ever been was the time he stuck it with a crayon. Homer’s brain is forced to battle foreign objects, constant concussive blows and a steady stream of cell-destroying beer in order to chime in as the voice of reason when Homer is at his most unreasonable. Which is to say, Homer’s brain is one of the unsung heroes of The Simpsons, even if Homer is only slightly more kind to his mind than he is to his long-suffering liver.

Over in the Simpsons subreddit, fans recently listed their favorite interactions between Homer and his own noggin. Here are their top picks…

When Homers Brain Told Him Not to Say Revenge

When Homers Brain Wanted to Eat the Pudding

When Bart Could Read Homers Brains Thoughts

When Homers Brain Leaves

When Homer and His Brain Made A Deal

When Homers Brain Burned Aunty Gladys Too Bad

When Homer and His Brain Came Up With the Perfect Comeback

When Homer and His Brain Mixed Up Their Lines

When Homers Brain Couldnt Think of Another Place Thats Open at Night

When Homer’s Brain Taught Him the Utility of Currency

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