The Best of Sad Milhouse on ‘The Simpsons’

Milhouse Van Houten’s most heartbreaking moments throughout ‘Simpsons’ history
The Best of Sad Milhouse on ‘The Simpsons’

Everything is not coming up Milhouse.

When Matt Groening chose to use Richard Nixon’s middle name to title his newest character, he said it was because Milhouse is the most “unfortunate name” a pair of parents who hate each other could ever give their only son. Milhouse Van Houten is the shy, sensitive and typically pure-of-heart punching bag whom Simpsons writers love to emotionally torture — even though Al Jean says that “most of the writers are more like Milhouse than Bart.”

The Simpsons canon is generally unkind to its blue-haired bespectacled sidekick to Bart, both in how it handles his disastrous homelife and his unrequited love for Lisa. However, a select few moments have so crossed the line that watching Milhouse’s misfortune makes us feel like Ralph Wiggum when Lisa broke his heart in slow motion. The Simpsons subreddit was sadistic enough to compile a list of those moments — here are their top picks…

“Milhouse Doesn’t Count”

Even Willie Doesn’t Like Milhouse

Milhouse the Night Watchman

Milhouse Hates Poochy

Milhouse the Cave Explorer

Milhouse the Fighter Pilot

Milhouse Plays Frisbee

Milhouse the Inspiration

Milhouse the Big Sister

Milhouse’s Goldfish

“Nobody Likes Milhouse!”

“Guess Who Likes You?”

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