This Insane Pro-Life ‘Zootopia’ Fan Comic Takes Place in Jerry’s Apartment from ‘Seinfeld’

The furries tackle abortion inside the ‘Seinfeld’ flat
This Insane Pro-Life ‘Zootopia’ Fan Comic Takes Place in Jerry’s Apartment from ‘Seinfeld’

Zootopia furry comic with strong sitcom influences is behind this week’s installment of “Headlines That Sound Like Fever Dreams But Sadly Aren’t.”

The popular digital art forum DeviantArt is, as its name implies, filled to the brim with freakish, unseemly and deviant behavior from talented artists and fans who can’t stand to see a cartoon animal from a piece of children’s media wearing an appropriate amount of clothes or engaging in any kind of non-sexual behavior. While the platform officially disallows purely pornographic posts, a “tasteful nudity” clause ensures that DeviantArt users are able to fulfill the promise of the internet’s infamous Rule 34 and draw popular animated characters in sexually compromising positions, getting degenerates their jollies and causing spontaneous eye-bleeding for the pure of heart.

However, while most NSFW fan comics on DeviantArt focus on deviant acts themselves, one project, titled “I Will Survive,” took the preferred fodder of DeviantArt furries, the Disney film Zootopia, and used a “ship” of the two main characters to explore the consequences of unsafe interspecies sexual activity while grimly tackling the issue of abortion. Oh, also, it’s set in Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld, because the phrase “Pro-Life ‘Zootopia’ Furry Ship” apparently wasn’t enough to make God cry.

“I Will Survive” was first penned by Brazilian artist William Borba in 2017, becoming a minor viral hit through a combination of religious furry adoration and car crash-esque spectacle. Borba has yet to publicly explain why he decided to set his explosive inter-species abortion drama in the Seinfeld apartment — or why he ever unleashed any of this insanity on us in the first place. 

My biggest complaint about Jerry’s apartment in Seinfeld used to be that, judging from the dimensions shown on camera, the flat was physically impossible. Now, my biggest complaint about Jerry’s apartment is that I can never again see it without thinking about abortion, furry porn and Nick Wilde’s haunting words, “Premeditated sin.”

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