12 Random Bits Trivia You Might Want to Hold On to in Case You Encounter a Bridge Troll on Your Way Home

Henry Ford was the original soyboy
12 Random Bits Trivia You Might Want to Hold On to in Case You Encounter a Bridge Troll on Your Way Home

If you’re lucky enough to live in a village that’s situated entirely within one uninterrupted landmass, then more power to ya. The rest of us are out here dodging bridge trolls left and right on our way to market. Due to generations of exposure to humans, most trolls can’t be shooed off with a bindle, and they’re mostly immune to bear spray. The only reliable way to ward off a troll attack is to answer their questions three. 

And look, their riddles aren’t as hard as they used to be. Groundwater pollution, global warming and, if we’re being honest, a penchant for inbreeding have caused troll brains to atrophy over the centuries. But their bite remains as powerful as a pit bull’s, and their saliva can carry all manner of disease. So you don’t want to be caught with your pants down.

That’s why we’ve packed you this satchel of trivia tidbits. If one of these little twerps jumps out of the rushes grumbling something about Danny DeVito playing Stretch Armstrong, Obama’s crocodile insurance or Napoleon’s wiener, you’ll be glad you took it.

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People Won’t Stop Taking Nude Pictures in This One Sunflower Field

Stoke Fruit Farms in the U.K. has had to field repeated complaints from families who are forced to bear witness to unauthorized nude photo shoots in and around its sunflower patches. After three incidents in one day, they resorted to putting up handmade signs. (Source)

Henry Ford Was a Soyboy

Ford was obsessed with soy-based plastic. Lots of the components in his cars were made of the stuff, and he even designed an all-soybean plastic car that he claimed was lighter and more durable than his other models. He pushed to use more sustainable materials and fuels in general, including a car made of engineered wood, and corn-based fuels. (Source)

Some Hackers Are Heroes

Anonymous hackers claim to have removed harmful spyware from the devices of 76,000 unwitting potential targets of either individual stalking or government surveillance. (Source)

70 Percent of People Cheat While at Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

In a study of 6,000 people, 70 percent of respondents who attended a bachelor or bachelorette party admitted to doing anything from “flirting or downloading a dating app” to “sexting or sleeping with someone.” (Source)

Danny DeVito Almost Starred in a Stretch Armstrong Movie

The producers’ first choice, Tim Allen, turned down the roll, but DeVito showed strong interest. His dealbreaker, though, was that they couldn’t make any jokes about his height… in this movie about a man whose dimensions change… played by a man with dimensions that have been successfully played for comedic effect previously. (Source)

Oil Companies Are Recruiting Influencers

Apologies in advance for this sentence: A grandfluencer (grandmother influencer) has been posting about how “low-key lit” Shell’s rewards program is. Over 100 other accounts have been seen doing sponcon for the people who are actively killing our planet, from momfluencers to nailfluencers. (Source)

This Guy Is Suing the BBC Over His Viral Moment

Guy Goma, just some guy who showed up to interview for a job at the BBC, was mistaken for Guy Kewney, a tech expert they’d invited to the studio for a live news segment. They put the job interview guy live on air to discuss some highly technical stuff he knew nothing about, and an instant internet classic was born. Goma is now suing the BBC for any royalties generated by the massively viral clip. (Source)

Napoleon’s Penis Is in New Jersey

Teaneck, New Jersey urologist John K. Lattimer bought the famous chode for $3,000 in 1977 (that would be a $14k purchase today). He gifted it to his daughter before his death, and she’s been offered as much as $100,000 for it. (Source)

Mosquitoes Evolved to Piss on You

Generally speaking, bugs can only release their waste in one combined goop. But blood-sucking insects have evolved to be able to release liquid on command, to make room for your delicious blood. Some insecticides are designed to block them from peeing, so they fill up and explode. (Source)

‘Dumpster’ Is Patented by the Dempsters

Dempster Brothers, Inc. invented and patented a bunch of waste-management technology, including the Dempster Dinosaur, the Dempster Dumpmaster, and their magnum opus, the Dempster Dumpster. (Source)

Owning a Baby Walker Could Land You in Jail

Canada banned baby walkers in 2004, due to apparently high rates of injury. Penalties for owning or selling one can include six months in jail, or a $100,000 fine. (Source)

The Australian Government Gifted the Obamas Crocodile Insurance

When Barack visited Darwin, they gave him a complementary policy that would have paid out 50k to Michelle if Barack were eaten by a crocodile. He took it in stride, saying “When we reformed health care in America, crocodile insurance is one thing we left out.” (Source)

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