Comedians That Suck and Why, According to Reddit

Nothing gets stand-up fans more amped than the opportunity to pile on their least favorite hack
Comedians That Suck and Why, According to Reddit

Honestly, comedy fans love shitting on the comics they hate so much more than praising the ones they love.

If you put a dozen or so die-hard stand-up fans in a room and asked them to talk comedians for an hour, I’d wager that the first fifteen minutes would be spent gushing over the greats — the Carlins, Pryors etc. — then they’d go half an hour over time railing against the hacks and the frauds who single-handedly kill comedy every time they step up to the microphone. For a community that hates hecklers with a passion, comedy fans are fervent about reminding each other which famous comics simply aren’t funny.

In a recent thread in the subreddit /r/comedy, humor enthusiasts were asked which famous, adored comics sucks and why — though the responses ended up being heavy on hyperbole and light on “why.” Here are their top picks.

“Bill Engval has no right being as successful as he is. There's your sign”

“Andrew Schulz is a complete hack”

“Add Dennis Leary to the shit list, stole his act from Bill Hicks!”

“Joe Rogan. Literally only Joe Rogan considers Joe Rogan a comedian. Because Joe Rogan is not funny, that's why”

“Dane Cook is alive?”

“Amy Schumer should have her microphone unplugged”

“Chelsea Handler — A sad spinster who just drinks too much”

“Bert Kreischer — his schtick of performing shirtless is idiotic. I've seen fat guys at Open Mics copy this and they also suck”

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