The 7 Best Celebrity Guest Appearances on ‘Family Guy’

The 7 Best Celebrity Guest Appearances on ‘Family Guy’

Seth MacFarlane and the writers over at Family Guy are never ones to shy away from taking the piss out of celebrities. From Madonna to a very tiny Tom Cruise, no one is safe from a scathing Family Guy cutaway. But sometimes, celebrities like to get in on the fun, too. And so, over on the Family Guy subreddit, Asheto320 asked their fellow Family Guy fans, “Who’s your favorite (celebrity) on Family Guy?

These were seven most popular responses… 

Ryan Reynolds


Reynolds starred as himself in Season 10’s “Stewie Goes for a Drive” when he moved into Cleveland Brown’s old house while filming in Quahog. Of course, the real fun of the episode was when Reynolds took a very affectionate liking to Peter and confessed to being attracted to him “in the way that a man is attracted to a woman” while rebuking any notion that he’s gay. Redditor Silvanyx quoted the episode’s memorable closing interaction between Reynolds and Peter: “I’m sorry. We can never talk again... Here’s a cell phone so we can always talk.”

Liam Neeson

Another actor playing himself, one of Neeson’s cameos came as a “fake tough guy” who Peter constantly claims he could beat in a fight while posted up at The Drunken Clam. In Season 13’s “Fighting Irish,” he has his chance, but instead becomes the Taken actor’s personal servant in exchange for not being beaten to a pulp. After a litany of humiliating tasks, though, Peter finally rebels and Neeson smacks him, resulting in the long-awaited brawl. Unsurprisingly, Peter stands no chance and is manhandled, but at least he got a good story out of it. 

Carrie Fisher

The late Fisher had a long run on Family Guy voicing Angela Everwood, the head of Pawtucket Brewery’s shipping department and Peter’s supervisor. One of her best bits is in Season Eight’s “Peter-assment,” when she finds Peter to be irresistible without his glasses. 

Robert Loggia

Loggia was another actor in on the joke. After being parodied by the show as someone who uses the most time-consuming, self-absorbed way to spell his name, Loggia appeared in two episodes, one of which was a live-action cutaway to breeze through a seriously long story from Lois.

James Woods

Bryter_layter_76 aptly pointed out that “Rhode Island has so few celebrities, James Woods being one of them, that they roast the shit out of him constantly. That guy is pathetic.” But that didn’t stop Woods from voicing himself on the show that did indeed roast the shit out of him constantly. My personal favorite Woods Family Guy spot: When he’s easily baited by brightly colored Reese’s Pieces in Season Four’s “Peter’s Got Woods.”

Drew Barrymore

Barrymore portrays Jillian, Brian’s one-time girlfriend and all-around ditz. She might not be the brightest bulb, but she’s a certified good time every time she appears. So much so that redditors shared their excitement that Jillian may be making a comeback in the new season. 

Adam West

West is the seminal Family Guy celebrity actor. The Quahog mayor, also named Adam West, was voiced by the actor himself for 15 seasons. From his first appearance in the show’s second season, the character became beloved for his zany, detached-from-reality antics and long list of memorable quotes. Nobody messes with Adam We.

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