13 of the Best Jokes From Jaboukie Young-White

13 of the Best Jokes From Jaboukie Young-White

Many would say Jaboukie Young-White is a comedy star in the making. The thing is, he’s already there. Before turning 30, he has not only toured nationally but killed it as a correspondent on The Daily Show, and this is before even mentioning coming out to his parents during his TV stand-up debut on The Tonight Show. Fearless is the word that comes to mind when thinking about Young-White’s comedy, as his oft-suspended Twitter account can attest to.

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So let’s take a look at some of the funniest jokes from one of Chicago’s best...

Sex Education from Catholic School

As a youngster, Young-White didn’t really learn about how sex worked, but he certainly got some dirty thoughts after seeing a half-naked Jesus hanging on the cross.

When He Ate Nothing But Burrito Bowls for Days

Early in his stand-up career, Young-White ate nothing but Chipotle burrito bowls during a stand-up comedy competition to save money. It didn’t end well, but he’s still positive about the experience.

His Twitter

As mentioned, Young-White’s hilarious Twitter account is frequently suspended, with his magnum opus dropping when he pretended to be the FBI on MLK Day:

On the Trump Presidency

“I kinda feel like ever since Trump won, everything I do is radical just because I’m a minority. Like I wake up in the morning? Revolutionary.”

When He Was in ‘Nora From Queens’

Young-White got to play a school friend of Nora’s, now working as a doorman. Just make sure you hit him up on Facebook Messenger, but later. He doesn’t have data on his phone right now.

On Why Young People Don’t Vote

For The Daily Show, Young-White got deep into how many of his generation don’t typically vote

On How Guns Are Gay

After a mass shooting, Young-White went on The Daily Show to analyze current gun culture and propose a solution: make gun ownership gay. 

On Bootleg DVDs

“I used to love watching bootleg DVDs. Whenever you watched it, you were never alone because you were watching it with that person. You’d be in the middle of the movie just hearing, ‘Hahahaha! That boy Nemo be crazy as hell.’ And I’d be like, ‘Damn, Nemo is crazy.’”

As a Frat Bro Explaining Feminism

When He Attacked Corporate Pride

On Health Insurance

“I would highly recommend health insurance, for sure. I once said that in a room full of Millennials, and I never felt a crowd turn on me so quickly. If a Millennial gets hurt, we just rub two crystals together and hope for the best.”

On Which Bugs Are Gay

On His Race

“I’ve noticed my race just changes from city to city. When I’m in Chicago, people think I’m half-black, half-white. When I’m in New York, people think that I’m Puerto Rican. When I’m in CVS, people think I’m stealing.”

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