The Messed-Up Science Fact 'Finding Nemo' Didn't Mention

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The Messed-Up Science Fact 'Finding Nemo' Didn't Mention
It's no secret that Disney movies have some pretty dark source material. But what's surprising is that, through the lens of science, Finding Nemo may have the most disturbing backstory of all.

The reason for Marlin's quest is, biologically speaking, super f*ed up.
You know Finding Nemo as a heartfelt father-and-son story: a mother tragically devoured, a son kidnapped, a father risks it all to get him back. But t
Clownfish colonies have a unique biological hierarchy. A typical colony is dominated by one female and her partner male. But every clownfish is born m
Clownfish are sequential hermaphrodites. When the dominant female dies, two things happen: The dominant male turns female, and the #2 male steps up to
Nemo's dad was trying to become Nemo's mom and - then mate with him. Marlin's epic quest to save his son was actually an effort to seize power and use
So let's revise the synopsis: Fish Daddy risks life and limb to become Fish Queen and mate with his fish son. Ellen DeGeneres is complicit.
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