The Strikes Can’t Stop All the Mini ‘Parks and Rec’ Reunions

The Strikes Can’t Stop All the Mini ‘Parks and Rec’ Reunions

“Ovaries before brovaries” still rings true for Amy Poehler

The star who played everyone’s favorite Parks Department deputy director is consistently participating in all the latest TikTok trends, and her most recent video is no different — except for the special addition of her Parks and Rec castmate Rashida Jones. 

The video finds the two actresses walking the streets of Manhattan, presumably on their way to one of the many picket lines during the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes, proving that even in the midst of a work stoppage #annandleslie4eva always holds true. 


The “tragically heterosexual best friends” weren’t the only Pawnee residents who got back together either. Last week, Adam Scott and Nick Offerman had an impromptu reunion outside of the Warner Bros. lot in L.A. Scott, who played the calzone-loving Ben Wyatt on the show, shared a picture of the pair on Instagram as they joined the picket line in solidarity with their fellow actors and writers to rally against low residuals and unfair A.I. usage. 

Here’s hoping that Aubrey Plaza can get Chris Pratt to serenade the strikers with a little Mouse Rat or entertain them with some Johnny Karate karate.

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