This Trump Rant With ‘Seinfeld’ Music Is Better Than Jerry’s Stand-Up

Trump’s tirade over paper straws is better comedy than some Netflix specials
This Trump Rant With ‘Seinfeld’ Music Is Better Than Jerry’s Stand-Up

What’s the deal with paper straws?

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny that, among the current crop of Republicans hoping to unseat President Joe Biden in 2024, Donald Trump is, by far, the funniest — if often unintentionally. His stream-of-consciousness style and comfort on the microphone make his speeches sound like stand-up routines, and if we’re being honest, his greatest hits outclass numerous Netflix specials in terms of sheer laughability.

Thankfully, Australian TV editor Ace Alderman took notice of the Big Cheese’s inadvertent comedy chops, and with a little magic, added the Seinfeld music to properly punch up a rant he once gave on flimsy, eco-friendly plastic straws. However, unlike in Seinfeld, Trump’s laugh-track diatribe is actually funny.

If Trump cant get his political career back on track, he should seriously consider stand-up as a plan B — maybe the judge will send him to a prison that has open mics.

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