13 Hall of Fame Jokes and Moments from ‘Futurama’

13 Hall of Fame Jokes and Moments from ‘Futurama’

Since 1999, Futurama has been a beacon of quality sci-fi humor and hijinks. Until it was canceled in 2003. Then brought back in 2008. Then canceled again in 2013. Only to be brought back again this summer. (You can insert the next five inevitable future cancelations and revivals yourselves, future readers.) Regardless of the show’s inconsistent lifespan, one thing has been consistently great: the jokes.

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Given this fact — and the show’s imminent return — here are some of the best laughs the multiple lives of Futurama have put out into the multiverse over the years...

The Smell-O-Scope

A joke that turned into a recurring plot device, the Smell-O-Scope not only allowed Fry to get a whiff throughout the galaxy but provided one of the best Uranus jokes out there.

The Best Kind of Correct

In “How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back,” Hermes showcased the best version of being accurate and exact. This joke would be meme-ified and annoy internet commenters for decades.

Professor Fisher-Price Speak N’ Spell

Look at this smug bastard; thinks he’s smart by knowing all the farm animal sounds. Discover something new!

‘I’m Scaroused’

When Fry visited a small-batch maple syrup stand owned by Amazonians, he introduced a term that launched thousands of Reddit threads.

‘No Fair! You Changed the Outcome By Measuring It!’

In “Luck of the Fryrish,” the folks at Futurama made a joke referring to “the observer effect,” or the impact of observation on the phenomenon being observed. In this case, by using a quantum microscope to observe the horse race, the horse race’s results could have been manipulated due to them being observed and measured, so it may not have been the unadulterated result. The brilliant thing about this joke is that you can enjoy it as a non sequitur without knowing or caring about this science stuff, either.  

Lower Horn, Jerked

Note: “Lower horn” means “penis.” Enjoy!

The Neutrals

All I know is that this entry is in the middle of this list and contains a clip with the joke.

‘Your Music’s Bad, and You Should Feel Bad!’

The Chicken Lawyer

He’s a simple country lawyer that’s also a turquoise chicken from a backwoods asteroid. Don’t be intimidated by him unless you look like corn.

‘You’ll Never Guess Where I’ve Been!’

In “Parasites Lost,” the Planet Express crew are deep within Fry’s body and lose track of Zoidberg, who semengly disappears but cums back in the nick of time. 

‘That Just Raises Further Questions!’

Reverse Binary

In “The Honking,” Bender and the Planet Express Crew see an eerie message appear on a wall (they think).

The iPhone Critique That Launched a Meme

As a takedown of Apple at the time, Futurama had Fry rush to get the “limited” eyePhone and deliver a line that would respond to a billion of Facebook ads, Twitter promotions and super-capitalism overall.

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