Steve Harvey Responds to the ‘RIP Harvey’ Twitter Trend

Steve Harvey Responds to the ‘RIP Harvey’ Twitter Trend

To those confused by the recent Twitter trend, “RIP Harvey,” it is not about gameshow host and celebrity judge Steve Harvey. Sadly, it isn’t about Harvey Weinstein either.

Earlier this week, Kentucky radio station KSR announced that a regular caller Harvey Doyle had passed away. Doyle was a passionate fan of the University of Kentucky's sports teams who had appeared on popular national shows such as Pardon My Take to talk about their trials and tribulations, and his loss was mourned by many members of the online Wildcats fandom, with the phrase "RIP Harvey" repeated across Kentucky Twitter.

Subsequently, followers and fanatics of Family Feud opened Twitter to a heart attack on the trending page as they feared that their mustachioed maestro had worn his last suit. Well, Judge Steve Harvey is still kicking — and, as he tweeted out in response to the trend, he's still staring incredulously at things to hilarious effect. 

While Doyle's loss may have been overshadowed by the panic surrounding Steve Harvey, KSR host Matt Jones saw the humor in the miscommunication, reposting the surviving Harvey's post with the caption "Haha, wow," adding in another post showing "RIP Harvey" on the trending page, "He wouldn't even know what this means but still cool."

Though the original uproar over "RIP Harvey" has died down, it’s worth remembering the short period of time when Twitter was scrambling to decipher which “Harvey” was actually resting in piece. RIP “RIP Harvey,” we hardly knew you.

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