James Austin Johnson’s Louis C.K. Speaks Out on SAG Strike

‘Saturday Night Live’s resident impressionist posted a topical rant in the voice of the problematic comic
James Austin Johnson’s Louis C.K. Speaks Out on SAG Strike

Saturday Night Live’s James Austin Johnson’s Louis C.K. stands with labor — because they won’t let him sit.

Ever since SNL first went on indefinite hiatus due to the writers’ strike back in May, Johnson has had to find ways to kill time during the week since the show’s famously grueling production schedule no longer preoccupies the impression savant. Now, SNL’s resident impressionist and his colleagues on TV and in film are officially on strike following the breakdown of negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the obscenely wealthy producers and executives who profit off of union members’ woefully undercompensated work. 

While Johnson and his fellow performers picket the studios who hope to push the creatives who make their wealth into poverty, I hope that he’ll continue to indulge in his most entertaining strike pastime of posting incoherently topical rant videos in the voice of different celebrities on Twitter — he tackled Trump’s takes on Indiana Jones last week, and, yesterday, he gave us an impromptu Louis C.K. bit on the SAG strike. 

As pitch-perfect as Johnson’s C.K. impression may be, he did admittedly make some adjustments to the character for practicality’s sake — since he’s self-recording, it would have been awkward if both hands were full.

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