You Can Now Own Baby Sinclair from the 1990s Sitcom ‘Dinosaurs’ for the Low, Low Price of $25,000

You Can Now Own Baby Sinclair from the 1990s Sitcom ‘Dinosaurs’ for the Low, Low Price of $25,000

From vintage posters to rare promotional materials to worn costuming, there’s an entire ecosystem fueled by memorabilia collecting. Some people only have a passing interest, lucking out when they discover a random tchotchke at a small-town thrift shop isn’t so random after all. But there are others whose entire livelihoods depend on sourcing one-of-kind collectibles. They rifle through vintage shops, scour the internet and set reminders on sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace to find the next hot ticket item to add to their collection or flip for a profit. For one such collector, their next big find might just come in the form of a very gluttonous anthropomorphic baby dinosaur. 

Metahumans Comics, a comic book shop that boasts the finest selection of comic books and collectibles in El Centro, California, recently posted an eBay listing of an authentic Baby Sinclair puppet that was used during the filming of the Jim Henson-developed sitcom Dinosaurs in the early 1990s. 

Originally won at a prop-store auction in London, this particular doll was the one used by puppeteer Kevin Clash during the show’s baby-chair scenes. While that old foam latex has its fair share of wear and tear, the doll is in decent shape for display — even without the restoration and rehabilitation that the seller suggests. It even comes with a certificate of authenticity for all you doubters out there.

Metahumans Comics hopes to get this piece in the hands of a “true collector who would put effort into bringing this one-of-kind piece of history to its best state possible.” For the low price of $25,000, that person could be you. But act fast, because seven people have watched the item in the last 24 hours.

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