15 Pieces Of Music Memorabilia That People Paid Truckloads Of Cash For

15 Pieces Of Music Memorabilia That People Paid Truckloads Of Cash For

Omega Auctions, Rik Walton/Wiki Commons

Do you have an affinity for music memorabilia? Do you like luxury cars with a personal touch? If so, this list is definitely for you! We'll be exploring some of the most interesting auction items from famous musicians.

First on our list is something from David Bowie's estate. After his untimely death in 2016, many of Bowie's belongings were put up for auction. One item in particular - his handwritten lyrics to "Starman" - sold for an astounding £200,000. The lucky bidder was Olivier Varenne from Australia who plans to display it in the Museum of Old and New Art's expanded library.

If Rolling Stones are more your style, Ronnie Wood had some memorabilia up for grabs back in 2012. A white leather coat sold for $8,960, and a lithograph of Eric Clapton drawn by Wood fetched $5120. Despite being made out of cardboard, a guitar cutout gifted to wood by Keith Richards still managed to sell for $6,875. 

This is the jacket that Michael wore in “Thriller,” and it was sold for $1.8 million at an auction in LA.

Music memorabilia that sold for top dollar Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket The buyer planned to use the $1.8 autographed jacket to raise money for children's hospitals around the million world. Because most of those kids are just a little chilly, we guess? CRACKED

Epic Records, Sony Music Entertainment

Rolling Stone

Some people are really into dead celebrities, even if it means paying big bucks for old drug bottles.

Music memorabilia that sold for top dollar THE PRESCRIPTION HOUSE de a TO JACK MADISON KNSCH. AVE. L Ph MON 85562 Elvis Take as Presley directed Dr. Nichopo Dead celebrities VALIUM 10 mg 5/24/76 pill bottles CALITION - phose Federal other Law prohibits for - - People's / .. Fans of deceased celebrities pay thousands of dollars for pharmacy bottles that once contained the stars' drugs of choice. Elvis' pill bottles have fetched $6,000, while those of Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Truman Capote have sold for undisclosed amounts. CRACKED

MGM, Heritage Auctions

Atlas Obscura

Colts owner Jim Irsay spent nearly $4 million on a guitar at an auction, setting a new record for the most expensive guitar ever sold.

Music memorabilia that sold for top dollar David Gilmour's guitar Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, won an auction for Gilmour's Black Strat guitar, setting a new record for most expensive guitar ever sold at auction. The money raised from the sale would go to climate change charity $3.975 ClientEarth. million CRACKED

Jimmy Baikovicius/Flickr

Rolling Stone

Dylan fans can now purchase the original handwritten lyric sheets for songs “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Mr. Tambourine Man” for some serious cash.

Music memorabilia that sold for top dollar BoD Sylans (in dressed Juling Once upm A time You area the beme a Time is your prile. Didn't you? People calles you're you thought - You used to (20g) about Everybody that with hangin' out Now you don't talk So love Now you don't seem to proud Abouthrungtibe here most How dirsit feel i Like How dees it feel The of yer own Rolling complete uhknown Stop Relling Start You want to the best schools Allright Mits loboly Sknown you of to But quitures f got juiced is it Not you're 90442 have

Alberto Cabello/Wiki Commons, Moments in Time

The Daily Mail

A scullery maid's salary register from Liverpool City Hospital containing her name and signature (E. Rigby) sold at auction for 115,000 pounds.

Music memorabilia that sold for top dollar £115,000 Eleanor Rigby S true identity A document containing clues to the identity of the subject of one of the Beatles' best-loved songs,sold for 115,000 pounds at auction. The manuscript is a salary register from Liverpool City Hospital, and features the name and signature of Е. Rigby. CRACKED

Capitol Records


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