A TikToker Has Made ‘I Think You Should Leave’s Sloppy Steaks a Reality

A TikToker Has Made ‘I Think You Should Leave’s Sloppy Steaks a Reality

First there was the Ice Bucket challenge, which was a rare display of kindness from the internet raising upwards of $135 million for ALS research. Then there was the Milk Crate challenge, which was an Icarian spectacle that doctors everywhere admonished. And now we might be at the dawn of the Sloppy Steaks challenge. Inspired by the “Baby Cries” sketch from the second season of I Think You Should Leave, TikToker @teocugno corralled the bros for their very own Sloppy Steaks in a video that has now reached more than a million views and counting.

What are Sloppy Steaks? I’m glad you asked. A Sloppy Steak is a big, rare cut of meat with water dumped all over it. It’s as simple as that. According to the reformed piece of shit Shane, played by I Think You Should Leave’s co-creator Tim Robinson, it “makes the night so much more fun.” 


Admittedly, this isn’t the first time someone has tried to recreate the magic of the Sloppy Steak. During the season’s initial release, the internet saw a variety of people taking their shot at the Sloppy Steak from a Vulture writer to Binging with Babish chef Andrew Rea under his alias Oliver Babish. Granted, most of these cases were done as precautionary measures to save the general public from having to try it themselves. But in the case of @teocugno and his friends, it was something they felt compelled to do in the spirit of the glass house and white Ferrari. 

So the next time you’re at your local steakhouse, remember this sage piece of wisdom: “They can’t stop you from ordering a steak and a glass of water.”

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