Dan Aykroyd’s Alcohol Is for Everyone: ‘What, Trans People Can’t Have A Cold Beer?’

The Crystal Head Vodka co-founder isn’t afraid of mixing vodka with Pride
Dan Aykroyd’s Alcohol Is for Everyone: ‘What, Trans People Can’t Have A Cold Beer?’

The Bud-Light boycotters are going to lose their minds when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the next Ghostbusters movie rocks a rainbow neckerchief.

Dan Aykroyd has worn many hats in his 70 years on this earth — he’s been a comedy icon, he opened a chain of music venues in The House of Blues and his brand of Crystal Head Vodka can be found in liquor stores across the continent. The one thing he’s never been throughout his eclectic career, though, is a homophobe — and despite the disturbingly braindead dialogue surrounding alcohol and the existence of transgender people, he’s proud to partner his vodka line with Kaleidoscope, a charity devoted to protecting human rights for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide.

This year’s Pride month marked a palpable change in the national reaction to the common practice of companies plastering rainbows on their products for four weeks as conservative groups railed against corporations like Target and Anheuser-Busch for their participation in the season’s celebrations. As Crystal Head unveiled its splatter-painted Pride bottle, Aykroyd wondered to Metro, “They just had this Budweiser beer line advertised by a trans person, and there was a tremendous terrible backlash. What, trans people can’t have a cold beer?”

“We are so happy with our work in the community,” Aykroyd said of Crystal Head’s Pride promotion. “We support Kaleidoscope, and we give 20 percent of our profits on all the Pride bottles to that cause,” he continued, noting the organization’s important work in combating “the homophobia that’s going on in Uganda right now and (in) Russia and Chechnya.”

Sadly, Aykroyd's tame support of the LGBTQ+ community was met with anger and accusations by certain corners of the internet, with Twitter wackjobs accusing him of being everything from a groomer to a satanist to a Nazi — they don't seem to realize that the only group people he does hate are (Illinois) Nazis.

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